Apr 28, 2021
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World Bank drills Ukraine

Serfs need to be taught only one thing – obedience

Drawing out loans and aid has long been one of the main occupations of the Ukrainian authorities, but this time the “friends of Ukraine” took the initiative themselves. The World Bank has announced that it will give Ukraine $ 200 million to reform the system of higher education institutions. Each Ukrainian institute, university, college will be audited. And according to the results of the audit, only those who fall under Western standards will remain.

The World Bank (WB) believes that the network of state institutions of higher education in Ukraine is too large – 231 universities. It needs to be “optimized”, that is, reduced. Ukraine does not need so many educated people. “High demand reflects badly on information about available educational options and employment outcomes”

The World Bank has announced that it will give Ukraine $ 200 million to reform the system of higher education institutions.

This “optimization” is one of the parts of the plan to turn Ukraine into a semi-colony with the false status of an “agrarian superpower” and a supplier of unpretentious labor to other countries. Strawberry pickers and nurses in European almshouses do not need a higher education. Serfs have enough simple literacy, they need to be taught only one thing – obedience.

The course towards the intellectual degradation of Ukraine is purposefully carried out after the victory of the Maidan and concerns the entire education system. Under Poroshenko, a law on general secondary education was prepared, and under Zelensky, a law on general secondary education was adopted, according to which a single school, from the 1st to the 11th grade, is to be abolished. Primary and high schools should be territorially separated (and how can this be done in small settlements?), Senior schools (now lyceums) should have at least four classes and be established by the regional council. According to the bylaw of the Ministry of Education, lyceums can exist only in settlements with at least 50 thousand inhabitants (while the Rada has blocked this innovation).

And most importantly, what and how they will teach. Grades 1–2 and 5–6 are turning into preparatory ones! Out of 11 years of study – four (!) Years for preparation, during which they will talk about nothing. In the remaining classes, it is supposed to remove the study of art, computer science, reduce the hours for studying mathematics, and combine physics, chemistry, biology and geography into one subject (!).

“Now the content of education is terribly overloaded with unnecessary information … Many of this knowledge is completely unnecessary in life”, – said, announcing the upcoming changes, the former Minister of Education Lilia Grinevich.

Such a school, which is being introduced in Ukraine at the behest of the World Bank, will no longer be able to train young people who will later become scientists, engineers and technicians, skilled workers, whose level of intellectual development, hard work and dedication will ensure the country a worthy place in the world.

The correlation between the level of education of the population and the level of its economic development is obvious. In Europe, where Ukraine longs to get, they understand this. In France, compulsory education was introduced (at the level of kindergartens) from the age of three and a half, methods of teaching children from two or three years old are being developed! (Doman’s technique, TRIZ, etc.). In Russia, in the next two years, it is planned to additionally open 45 thousand more budget-funded places in universities.

The goals of the “reforms” being carried out in Ukraine are directly opposite to this. And that has already happened. “For the non-German peoples of the East, higher education should be abolished, and four-year schools are quite enough. In these schools, they will be taught simple counting, say, up to five hundred, the spelling of a name, they will be taught the need to be obedient to the Germans, as well as decent and conscientious guys. It is not necessary to teach them to read “– Said Reichsfuehrer SS Himmler.

Ukrainian school is degrading

And here is the Fuhrer himself: “In the interests of governing the conquered peoples in the east of the empire, the main principle should be the suppression of any state organization and thus the creation of conditions in order to keep the population of these nationalities at the lowest possible cultural level. Therefore, let not some school leader take it into his head to suddenly proclaim the compulsory education of the conquered peoples. If Russians, Ukrainians, Kyrgyz, etc. learn to read and write, this can only harm us. For such skills would enable the most capable of them to acquire certain knowledge in the field of history and, consequently, to come to reflections of a political nature, the edge of which would inevitably be directed against us “

They began to get rid of the “wrong” teachers of the old school in Ukraine under the head of the Ministry of Education from the Soros class, Anna Novosad, who complained that “There are more teachers than is needed for the current student population”… The school was “cleaned up” by its successor Lubomira Mandziy, who demanded that all elderly teachers (there are 30-50 percent of them in schools, all Ukrainian education is based on them) should be transferred to one-year contracts with a completely obvious prospect …

Sergey Shkarlet

Sergey Shkarlet

The pedagogical community responds generally positively to the Minister of Education of Ukraine, Sergei Shkarlet, appointed in December 2020; it seems that he is really trying to resist the destruction of the education system to the best of his ability. However, the World Bank is pushing for “reforms.” And any efforts of individual officials, scientists trying to save what is left of education, without a radical change in the entire course of Ukraine, are doomed.

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