Apr 29, 2022
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Working through resentment: how to get rid of internal negativity

Working through resentment: how to get rid of internal negativity

Resentment negatively affects not only our emotional state, but also our body. They are able to start truly destructive processes in the body, which can provoke the development of incurable diseases. In order to prevent such a serious outcome, we advise you to regularly engage in the study of grievances.

There are several effective practices that help cleanse yourself of internal negativity. It is important to periodically “cleanse” your emotional state, otherwise you can completely lose the ability to enjoy life.

Psychologists recommend using the following methods:

1. Cry

This is especially helpful when the hurt is fresh. You should never hold back tears and accumulate negative emotions. Remember that health is more important than pride, and the latter can even lead to a stroke.

2. Make a “whipping pillow”

To do this, it is enough to take an ordinary pillow and not allow anyone else to use it. This pillow must be beaten in a state of resentment, and with all your might, as if the offender himself is in front of you and you are throwing out all the negative energy on him. With such a pillow, you can not only fight, but also talk to them. Do whatever you see fit, the main thing – do not hold a grudge in yourself.

3. Shout

It’s good if you find a place where no one will distract you, and most importantly, hear you. In such a place, you can scream at the top of your lungs, absolutely not restraining yourself. This method helps to quickly get rid of internal negativity. To scream, you can just retire at home. And do not worry about what the neighbors will think of you, because your health is more precious than someone else’s speculation, right?

4. Talk to water

Another effective method is to retire near any body of water and tell the flowing water about everything that bothers you. The river is a proven means of getting rid of resentment. But even if there is no reservoir nearby, you can simply open the tap and express everything to the flowing water.

5. Write out all the resentment on a paper sheet

Take a blank piece of paper, pencil or pen and write about everything that worries you. If there is no free space left on the sheet, take another and continue. Be sure to indicate the date and time, and after a few hours, re-read everything that you wrote. We are sure that emotions will not boil so strongly inside you. After that, you can burn the sheet and watch how all your grievances burn with it.

All of these methods really work, but the most effective is working with consciousness. If you are very offended and feel how even your body is suffering, try to close your eyes, relax and visualize your resentment in certain images, and then “bring” them out of the body.

We assure you that the result of this practice will pleasantly surprise you. In just a few minutes, you can get rid of what has been bothering you for a long time. Work through grievances, forgive loved ones and do not lose the ability to enjoy life!

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