Feb 5, 2021
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Workers and traders got scared when they discovered a mysterious cross on the market

mysterious cross in the marketThe project for the reconstruction of a market in Nairobi, Kenya turned out to be more than exciting, because the workers found a mysterious cross under the ground.

mysterious cross in the market

The find made a lot of noise and scared everyone. The crushed merchants even thought about looking for another place for business, because many decided that the market had at one time been erected in the old cemetery.

mysterious cross in the market

But archaeologists from the National Museum of Kenya, who came to investigate the find, hastened to calm everyone down – there is nothing mysterious, ancient, or even cult in the cross.

mysterious cross in the market

Several decades ago, a fountain stood on this place, which was reinforced with a layer of concrete in the shape of a cross. After the fountain was removed, and its foundation was simply covered with earth.

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