May 5, 2021
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Wooden lace Taldom

Taldom wooden lace

The pandemic, having closed the borders of states, prompted our fellow citizens to go on trips to the cities and villages of our homeland.

A study by a popular online service found that 89% of those surveyed said they enjoyed traveling in their home country. The discovery of the beauty of native spaces took place!

The statistics are impressive, of course. But here’s a living example. My neighbors are wealthy people. In their mature years, they burn with passion to see the world. We went abroad five or six times every year. Last summer, they intended to relax in Cuba, but the damned virus messed up their plans.


“It turns out that on weekends you can enjoy the beauty of the Moscow region,” the neighbors told me. – By chance we saw the site “Magic Taldom” on the Internet.

Residents of cities and towns of Muscovy travel to the north of the region with families and friendly companies to admire the platbands of houses. Hundreds of pictures are already showing off on the World Wide Web. Fascinated by wooden lace, my neighbors decided to see them in reality – we went to Taldom.

The collection of photographs of my neighbors did not include, in my opinion, the most beautiful platbands of the city. We did not notice them behind a high fence near a house on Kraynaya Street. I saw only because that day the hostess was painting the wide open gate. Lace ligature of amazing beauty!

Muscovite Olga Nesterova said that this house was bought with her husband from the front-line soldier Ivan Yegorovich Novikov. He moved to his son in the village of Sonkovo, Tver region.

– We repaired the hut, put plastic windows. And, of course, they kept the miracle platbands. What a beauty! Do not take your eyes off.

I called Ivan Yegorovich in Sonkovo, asked who the artist was, who created this indescribable beauty.

– I used this house in 1947. Felled from pine logs. In Taldom, all the houses are decorated with carvings, and I began to compose it. I went and looked closely at those on the houses of Taldom, neighboring villages. Little by little, the image matured in my mind, transferred it to paper, and cut out the patterns. He attached it to the windows, painted the trims in silver, and the walls in pale blue. The house shone, the house shone for everyone’s joy!

In Taldom, the chronology of which has been going on since 1677, many old houses have survived (although it is actively being built up). One of the long-livers is on Saltykov-Shchedrin Street. His dress is elegant. Although time did not spare the platbands: some of them broke off, had not been painted for a long time. Fading beauty … I built these mansions, my colleagues from the local newspaper Zarya, Mikhail Anikin, told me in 1897.

In the Moscow region, the most magnificent, elegant house decorations are in Taldom, Kimry, in the south of the region – in Kolomna.

The need to decorate a home from the outside, as they say, is in the blood of a Russian person. Historians claim that even deaf wooden sliding windows in the old days were covered with carved protective ornaments. And with the development of the glass industry, this type of folk art flourished in all its glory.


There are many towers in Taldom, decorated with ornaments from top to bottom. One of these fabulous beauties is painted by the hands of Vladimir Leonidovich Feoktistov. Lace hangs even from the roof. The pediment is also dressed up. As a framing for a painter’s painting.

Compatriots, numerous tourists look at the creation of his hands, admire, remember the owner with a kind word: 80 years ago he created this marvelous beauty, since then people have been admiring it. It is not for nothing that the conclusion of the local authority appears on the pediment: “House of exemplary content.”

Once I asked the owner of this patterned, bright palace to reveal the intricate cryptography of the signs of guard patterns – messages from ancestors from the depths of the centuries. And he threw up his hands:

– Cryptography, messages from ancestors? I am not aware of the essence of these signs. I did not know what was what, I repeated what I saw at the Taldom houses. Unless he brought his soulful mood into the openwork border. For me, curls, figurines, weaves of herbs are just for beauty.

It turns out that Academician Boris Rybakov is right, who wrote in the scientific work “People’s Amulets”: “The Russian village of the times of Turgenev and Tolstoy no longer knew the pagan content of their embroideries, the embroiderers only unconsciously repeated the old patterns … The aesthetic principle has long overshadowed the archaic meaning …

Yes, connoisseurs of national wooden architecture consider Taldom an open-air museum. They say: “The platbands of the local houses are distinguished by their bright originality and special warmth, because Russian masters – creators of carved laces do not formally repeat traditional patterns from the depths of centuries, but let them pass through their souls.” It is a pity that spontaneous tourists have not yet been met by Taldom guides. And they have something to show, something to tell about.

Yuri Makhrin,

Candidate of Historical Sciences,

photo of the author.

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