Aug 11, 2022
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Woman begging on the street wins lottery jackpot

woman begging for almsUntil recently, this woman, whose name was not disclosed, begged on the streets of Alicante (Spain), and now she has become a millionaire.

woman begging for alms

The owner of a local tobacco shop said that a stranger often came to them to spend a few solicited coins on lottery tickets. And now another ticket of the BonoLoto lottery brought a jackpot of 1,271,491 euros to the lucky woman. Realizing that she had won, the woman returned to the store and told the employees that they had changed her life and destiny for the better.

woman begging for alms

Store employees and the owner added that they did not know the woman’s name. All they know is that she seems to be a gypsy, and also that the stranger had big financial problems (which have now been resolved). The store owner also said that they were happy for the lucky woman, because everyone in the area loved her.

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