Sep 17, 2022
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Wok noodles – the cultural heritage of the Asian world

Wok noodles - the cultural heritage of the Asian worldwok noodles

Do you know what the secret of the taste of box noodles is? This is a delicious and affordable dish that is very convenient to order for any occasion. To understand the secret of the success of such a dish, it is important to analyze all the features and subtleties of wok noodles in Chernivtsi. A dish that definitely deserves the attention of every connoisseur of Asian cuisine.

What are wok and how did the history of this dish begin?

This name itself has become common due to the special dishes in which the dish is prepared. A wok is a large cone-shaped pan. It has a long history, thanks to such dishes they cooked food in ancient China. Then such a vessel had a rounded shape and there was no flat bottom. That is why it was possible to use this vessel only on the stove, where there was a hole for the frying pan.

For a long time in ancient China, for the local population, such noodles were the only way to cook food, accessible even to the poorest population. And for such cooking, the use of a significant amount of fuel was not required, which was very convenient and economical.

How did wok noodles help make a scientific discovery?

Ordinary Chinese have come up with a new way of frying food. And without realizing it, they made a scientific discovery. A special effect was described by the scientist Leidenfrost in the middle of the eighteenth century.

The essence of this phenomenon is that when a liquid comes into contact with a hot and solid surface, a vapor layer is formed. Thanks to this, the contents of the pan seem to soar above the surface.

You could also observe this Leidenfrost effect when you sprinkled droplets of water on a hot pan to understand its temperature. If the temperature has already reached the special Leidenfrost point, then the droplets do not immediately evaporate, but glide a little on the surface. It is thanks to this effect that it is possible to cook real and delicious Asian dishes all over the world.

How is wok noodles prepared?

The peculiarity is that you can order food delivery in Chernivtsi and wok noodles will be different in all places. For there is no single original recipe. This is a similar situation with borscht.

However, the master is not allowed to do anything and fantasize as much as possible. Because there are certain rules that should be followed while cooking noodles:

  1. The meat and vegetables for the dish should be cut so as to be the same size. It is desirable that it be cut into strips.
  2. When the filling is fried for noodles, it must be stirred all the time. Thanks to this, the use of vegetable oil is reduced to a minimum and the maximum benefit of the products is preserved.
  3. All products must be prepared in advance. Because during active mixing you will not have time to do all this.

If you want to try the best woks in Chernivtsi, then it is best to order them in Yoki. This guarantees you an incredible taste experience. You will definitely not regret it and get a lot of pleasant emotions.

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