Sep 17, 2020
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“Without loud promises.” Tutberidze and Medvedev commented on their reunion

- No big promises. We just work, - so signed a joint photo of Eteri Tutberidze with Evgenia Medvedeva and the coaching staff.

In turn, Medvedev in an interview with Channel One also spoke about returning to Tutberidze.

- I am very grateful to Brian for the work done. At the moment, I'm just insanely grateful for his understanding. He treated my decision with the deepest understanding and approval.- she explained. - We have maintained good, warm relations, there were no conflicts. I'm glad it turned out that way. Eteri Georgievna and I are doing well. We met, talked, and started work today. We'll see.

Recall that Medvedev studied with Tutberidze from 2007 to 2018. After losing to Alina Zagitova at the Olympic Games in Korea, she decided to change her coach and went to Canada to Brian Orser.

"A worthy decision of two women." Tarasova spoke about Medvedeva's return to Tutberidze

After the scandalous departure in 2018, Evgenia will again train with Tutberidze.

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  • "Without loud promises." Tutberidze and Medvedev commented on their reunion

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Galina Glazko
Galina Glazko

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