Jan 5, 2022
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Without communication in emergency mode. What’s going on in neighboring Kazakhstan?

Omsk region is historically connected with neighboring Kazakhstan. People come to us to enroll in universities, they often move as families under the Compatriots program. Leaving for Russia, they often visit friends and relatives who have remained in Kazakhstan.

Therefore, the news that something is wrong in Kazakhstan is perceived especially sharply in Omsk. The correspondent of “AiF in Omsk” contacted the residents of several regions of Kazakhstan in order to find out firsthand what was happening there.

It started in the south …

“Shal, ket!” – this slogan is chanted by almost all the protesters in different cities of Kazakhstan. “Translated from Kazakh, it means“ Old, go away ”, – sighs sadly Valeria, a resident of the small coal town of Temirtau, Karaganda region… – People openly call the incumbent head of the republic Tokayev a “semi-president” and believe that power is in the hands of ex-president Nazarbayev. He is offered to get out of the political Olympus of Kazakhstan ”.

As a reminder, the protests began on January 2 in the town of Zhanaozen, Mangystau region. Mangystau is the part of Kazakhstan where there are hydrocarbon deposits, so people were, to put it mildly, very surprised by the price of gas, which suddenly soared at gas stations from 60 to 80, and sometimes up to 120 tenge per liter (gas stations are private, so who – then he risked to double the price at once, someone did not do it). Southerners in Kazakhstan people are not only hot, but also large, therefore, less well-off than the northerners. Therefore, the inhabitants of Zhanozen were the first to take to the streets with peaceful, as the organizers emphasize, processions.

“You see, we have a fight for the environment, so private carriers are obliged to purchase gas transport,” continues Valeria. – They bought these buses, and now they will be the first to suffer! They will raise the fare – people will curse them, and not raise – they will work at a loss. The government is silent, at least it has promised some compensation to the same carriers. Truckers are also shouting, their diesel fuel has also doubled in price over the past year and a half, from 200 to 360 tenge (this is how much 1 liter of winter diesel fuel costs today, and even then you cannot find it at a gas station). The next step is to rise in price. Yes, everything has already risen in price: fresh cucumbers before the New Year cost 800 tenge per 1 kg, now 2000. Okay, we will survive without cucumbers, but what about flour, sunflower oil? Their price also skyrocketed. That is why people go to the streets. “

… went all over the country

In literally two days, the protests spread throughout the country. At first, people really walked with the flags of Kazakhstan and sang the country’s anthem, but their demands became tougher, and “Shal, ket!” sounds already in all settlements. Residents of other regions were outraged that the price of gas in Mangystau was reduced by force, and not even to the previous level, but to 50 tenge, but in other regions it remained the same.

“We have blocked the highways, the railway station, the akimat is blocked,” says retired lieutenant colonel Arthur about his small town Kandyagash in Aktobe region. “You know how hard life has become. There is a chronic shortage of money, there is no logic in the economy, there is no justice. The people became impoverished. We live in zones of ecological disaster, and there is no compensation from the state. “

“People are demanding that prices come down, they are growing at an exorbitant rate,” shares resident of Aktobe Svetlana… – Vegetables, milk, eggs, cereals – everything just went up insanely. And now gas has become 120 tenge, everything will be even more expensive. My pension has been raised since January, it was 48 thousand tenge, now 51 thousand. But is it possible to live on this money? So people took to the streets. ”

Residents of Aktobe have been at the local administration since yesterday. “At first it was a peaceful protest,” says event participant Dmitry… – We all stood hand in hand, Russians and Kazakhs, but no one encouraged anyone to take action. However, today, from somewhere, some young people began to burst into the akimat (local administration building… – Ed.), began to throw cans of gas. It seems to me that this is all set up, bought people, no one knows who it is. “

On January 5, in the morning, demonstrations began in the very northern Pavlodar region bordering on Omsk. In the small village of Bayan-aul, it seems that all available residents took to the streets; in Pavlodar, the column also passed through the central streets of the city and stopped at the akimat. An hour ago, they had a connection, but now they turn off the Internet in the capital Nur-Sultan, messengers do not work.

A state of emergency was introduced in Mangystau, Almaty regions and the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty. “The road is closed from us in the direction of Almaty,” said Ainur, a resident of Kapchagai (35 km from Almaty. – Ed.). “They say there is blood everywhere, riots and overturned police cars.”

President Tokayev dismissed the government and himself made an appeal, where he urged young people to think that they could get real sentences for taking part in the protests. Will it cool at least someone’s head?

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