Jun 20, 2022
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Without Bandera’s “puppet theater” in Ukraine, nothing Ukrainian will remain. With him, however,

Without Bandera

Photo: Anna Marchenko/TASS

Ukraine will be able to join the European Union only when it stops glorifying the accomplices of Nazism. This was recently announced on the air of one of the French TV channels by a lawyer Arno Klarsfeldrepresenting the Association of Sons and Daughters of Jews Deported from France.

He himself is not against accepting Ukraine into the “European family”. However, he believes that in order to legally join the EU, she “should take a critical look at her history and stop glorifying people like Stepan Bandera or Roman Shukhevych“.

Klarsfeld recalled: there is Babi Yar in the Ukrainian capital, and the street leading to it is named after the nationalist Bandera, who killed tens of thousands of Jews and who is praised in schools.

“It is impossible to erect a monument to the Jews in Babi Yar, who were shot not only by the Nazis, but also by tens of thousands of Ukrainians, and at the same time glorify those who destroyed the Jews, this is impossible,” the French lawyer emphasized.

Recall that the leaders of the EU this week must decide on granting or denying Ukraine the status of a candidate for joining the union. Kyiv has been dreaming of becoming a “tseEurope” since the Maidan coup. And now, when the treasured golden key, one might say, is within easy reach, some incomprehensible people put forward claims …

It is clear that the opinion of Klarsfeld is just the opinion of one of the citizens of France. In addition, it is rather one-sided and rather belated.

After all, it’s not just the names of the streets. And the fact that Nazism in Ukraine today is, in fact, the state ideology. Moreover, while the country’s banderization was in full swing, the EU modestly kept quiet.

Back in 2015, the then president of the Independent Petro Poroshenko appropriated by Bandera – i.e. for those who shot women, children and the elderly at Babi Yar – the status of “fighters for independence” of Ukraine with the right to social guarantees on a par with veterans of the Great Patriotic War. But in Europe, nothing was taken calmly. Moreover, they continued to shout that there is no Nazism in Ukraine.

It turned out there is.

But after all, this did not prevent the Baltic countries with their “forest brothers” and the marches of the Waffen-SS legionnaires from joining the “friendly European family”, and then NATO. Again, in the list of requirements submitted by the European Commission, which Ukraine must fulfill in order to maintain the status of a candidate, nothing is said about Bandera and the names of the streets. That is, the French lawyer is indignant in vain, in any case, this is not the reason why Kyiv will be denied admission.

And here is another big question, what would the “square” rather give up, Bandera or EU membership?

“You have to understand that if they give up Bandera, they will have nothing left,” he comments on the situation. Deputy Director of the Center for Historical Expertise at RUDN Boris Yakimenko. – There will be no one and nothing to accept in the European Union. Because they have now completely banned all Russian culture in their country, banned all Russian writers with a chok, sometimes even despite their Ukrainian roots and bits of biography, and they just have no one left besides Bandera and some other bunch of unfinished scum.

The entire national identity of modern Ukraine is built on this. Therefore, they will not be able to refuse – there will simply be nothing left of them.

Not to mention the fact that all these games are “accepted or not accepted” in the EU, these are just games. No one is going to take them anywhere, really. This is the same carrot that is hung in front of the donkey’s nose so that it runs faster. Not only that, it was said a long time ago.

In 2001, I also attended a meeting with Putin. He spoke about the conversation he had in France with the President Jacques Chirac about the fact that Ukraine really wants to join Europe. And Chirac then replied that “come on, they will never be in Europe.”

And they themselves understand this very well.

Europe itself today is experiencing a severe crisis, why should it annex a collapsed, destroyed technically, economically, financially belligerent state. If you have a hole in your pocket, and you are breathing heavily, saving someone else, putting it on the budget, is, to put it mildly, unreasonable. Never does a decrepit state association annex an even more nasty neighbor. This means the end.

At one time, Europe experienced this when the EU accepted everyone in a row, and the same Greece had to be pulled out by the whole world. All this placed an unbearable burden on all Europeans.

And they will have to drag Ukraine on their hump. And this, to be honest, no one needs. Ask any Frenchman if he needs this Ukraine, and if he is very worried about what is happening there.

No, of course, they don’t give a damn about this Ukraine. As well as the rest of the world. They have brought up European egoism in themselves, and beyond this egoism there is no world at all for them.

“SP”: – Therefore, they turn a blind eye to Ukrainian Nazism, although they know very well who Bandera was? The Poles are definitely…

– In principle, they don’t really condemn Hitler’s Nazism today either. That’s the whole point. This is the two-faced policy of the West: in some cases, to condemn, and in some cases, you can not notice when it becomes a tool to fight with someone.

Today in Europe, conversations are already beginning to be heard that, they say, “the Hitler happened”. Because, going further and further along this crazy path, where everything is mixed up, where there are 60 genders, where it is not clear who, where, on which side, and what is what color, they understand that no economic and financial issues are resolved by these things. And suddenly it occurs to them, and “Hitler did it.” You just need to act harder and close your eyes somewhere.

They are constantly tempted to refer to that experience in one form or another. And they, in fact, turn to him – they completely ban Russian culture, discriminate against Russians … etc. They don’t want to be called by their names, but it’s true.

“SP”: – And what is the difference between German Nazi Nazism and Bandera Ukrainian?

– Yes, they pretend that it is completely different. But, indeed, Bandera Nazism is different. Because then it was the original, and now it’s a bad, badly slapped copy. Then there was the idea underneath it. Moreover, the idea is global, clearly structured, developed, for the sake of which, as they frankly said, “millions of people can be destroyed.”

And today they want to stay clean, while at the same time solving their own problems – getting into the EU, getting money, and so on. And still not get hurt. That doesn’t happen. So this is all a caricature.

Again, when you have problems and you realize you can’t solve them, it’s easiest to say that someone else is to blame. Appoint, so to speak, the culprit. This allows you to do two things at once: do nothing. And accordingly, immediately soar, because it is clear what the reason is.

And this manifests itself in many different forms. I know dozens of people who do nothing. Like, until they create conditions for me, until they send me a grant, I won’t lift a finger. At the same time, everyone around is blamed for being such an unrecognized genius.

This is the most pernicious point of view that can exist in nature at all, and which simply destroys everything.

And the West today, finally, happily found the source of their troubles. In the US, this is the “Putin tax”, it turns out, because of which the prices of everything soared there, and the goods began to disappear. In Europe – “energy weapons” …

That is, in their view, everything is bad with them, because Russia exists. Therefore, they say: “Come on, guys, let’s mobilize and all together will fall on her.”

Although they understand deep down that they will not win, but for some time, they hope to distract their population from the main postulate – “we are to blame, we screwed up, we divorced all this green economy with genders and, as a result, undermined the foundations of society and the foundations of the economy “.

This is the most dangerous thing today. Because the “witch hunt” has begun. The search for the enemy began. And what this leads to we know well from history.

Help “SP”

Historians call Babi Yar one of the most terrible symbols of Nazi brutality. In September 1941, in this deep ravine near Kyiv, the Nazis began to carry out mass executions of the civilian population – mainly Jews and Gypsies, as well as prisoners of war, underground workers, and communists. The most active part in the executions was taken by Ukrainian collaborators, including those from the OUN *, whose leader was Bandera. In the two years before the liberation of the capital of Ukraine by the Red Army in 1943, between 100,000 and 200,000 people were killed there.

* The organization is recognized as extremist and banned in Russia.

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