Apr 18, 2021
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With what haircut a woman will be captivating and successful

With what haircut a woman will be captivating and successful

Status and resource ladies never look normal. Whether you like it or not, you will stand out. And there are no timid women among them who diligently avoid experiments. If we are to live, then only brightly! The same applies to haircuts. This is probably why stylists often recommend short pixies for women who have their own business.

We decided to trace the relationship “haircut – success” and find out what hairstyles are most often chosen by the representatives of the business part of our society. Many people want to take an example from them and it seems that changing the hairstyle will be a great first step.

Let’s start with the pixie. This haircut provides brightness and boldness, because it pretty much opens up the facial features, and this can only be afforded by those women who are one hundred percent confident in themselves and their strengths. Perhaps this is one of the most popular hairstyles among stylish ladies who want to look respectable.

The plus of a short pixie is that it does not require special care and routine styling – it is enough to gently dry your hair so that everything is in openwork. Although, of course, it is difficult to imagine a woman who would not make sure that her hair is perfect. You can experiment with pixies, make, for example, bangs. A very important nuance. Young ladies look really young with this haircut!

Asymmetric haircut

She is somewhat similar to a pixie, but even more careless and elongated. However, there is a fairly large field for experimentation: a haircut can be either rather short or noticeably long. Asymmetry can also be accent or not very noticeable. It already depends on preferences.

Such a haircut is more indicative of the unusual and peculiar uniqueness, which you still need to be able to demonstrate. Home care is not difficult, but it is important to visit the hairdresser in a timely manner, where the haircut will be corrected and the color evened out. But you will definitely know that you are always fully armed!

Classic square

The square is considered one of the top haircuts among women who care about their image. This haircut is versatile because it allows you to transform the image both radically and subtly. Lay a square with or without curls, collect strands or, conversely, dissolve – everything is fine!

The square is notable for the fact that, unlike pixies and asymmetry, it perfectly corrects facial features. This option is chosen by strict business women who hold serious posts and rule in business. In addition, the haircut is quite easy to care for, the main thing is that the hair is healthy and well-groomed.

Caller Bob Kare

A haircut that is enjoying incredible success. Its beauty lies in the fact that, in fact, you get a short haircut, but at the same time the elongated bangs correct the shape of the face. A kind of compromise that looks both catchy and stylish. Bob-bob allows formidable and active ladies to look more feminine and this is the first step for those who set out to change their image.

We will anticipate further events – most likely after this haircut you will go and make a pixie. It’s just quite a logical step. But you can return: if you feel discomfort, then wait until the bob-square grows back and becomes a magnificent square. But we think that the urge to experiment will still take its toll.

Short pixie for women who are confident

Before you rush to the nearest hairdresser and mindlessly cut your hair, we recommend you visit a good stylist and hairdresser with an impeccable reputation. It’s so easy to spoil the impression of a haircut. Let the professionals confirm your choice, or maybe they will advise something more sensible. However, we are sure that you will definitely choose your own from these four options.

A short pixie for women, of course, is not a panacea, there are many other interesting haircuts in the world. But what if she is chosen by women with status? Write in the comments which haircut you like the most, and we will give you an excellent link in which we will tell you how to choose a hairstyle for yourself. Thank you for staying with us!

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