Sep 23, 2022
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With what diseases will not be taken into the army


Partial military mobilization has been announced.

On Wednesday, Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization for the defense of Donbass. Gradually, citizens receive agendas. Who can legally claim a deferment from the army?

It is already known that military personnel in the reserve from 25 to 40 years old will be called up. “Not everyone will be eligible. Only those specialties that were not part of the Russian army. These are, most likely, motorized riflemen, artillerymen, gunners, paratroopers, scouts. Reservists are people who have already served in the army. Everyone who is engaged in studies is in some special government jobs, for example, employees of the metro, defense plants – they will not be subject to conscription, ”commented retired colonel Anatoly Matviychuk.

Also, those who, due to ailments, cannot serve, will be released from service, which is prescribed in the schedule of illnesses. Citizens with disabilities, HIV infection, congenital syphilis, malignant neoplasms, bronchial asthma, regular epileptic seizures, severe cerebrovascular diseases and others will not go to the army.

The list includes people who are underweight or overweight. The minimum recruit must weigh 45 kg, and the maximum is determined by obesity of 3-4 degrees. Also noted are skin diseases, stomach diseases, missing a certain number of teeth, and so on.

The entire list consists of diseases such as:

– poor vision with myopia more than 6 diopters, hyperopia more than 8 diopters, astigmatism more than 4 diopters;

– diseases of the orbit, eyelids, lacrimal canals, conjunctiva;

– glaucoma in advanced stage II, as well as advanced stage III and terminal stage IV;

– deafness in both ears, deaf-mutism;

– missing 10 or more teeth on one jaw;

– severe periodontitis or periodontal disease;

– diseases of the pharynx, nasal cavity or paranasal sinuses;

– asthma;

– diseases that lead to respiratory failure;

– congenital anomalies of the respiratory system;

– active tuberculosis;

– diseases of the esophagus, intestines (excluding the duodenum), peritoneum with a significant violation – functions;

– severe infectious diseases of the intestine;

– Schmorl’s hernia;

– severe curvature of the spine;

– deformation and significant defects of the fingers and hands, or their absence;

– kidney disease, kidney failure;

– traumas of the spinal cord and brain and other lesions of the central nervous system;

– gastric or duodenal ulcer;

– chronic pancreatitis;

– cardiac ischemia;

– hypertension type 1 and above;

– congenital heart disease;

– diseases of the hematopoietic system in the presence of functional disorders;

– diseases of the vessels of the spinal cord and brain;

– injuries of the internal organs of the chest, abdomen and pelvis with significant dysfunction;

– congenital syphilis;

– chronic prostatitis;

– hemorrhoids 2 and 3 stages, etc.

– inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system;

– endogenous psychoses;

– schizophrenia;

– various personality disorders (BAD, BPD and others);

– regular epilepsy attacks;

– somatomorphic and neurotic disorders;

– mental retardation;

– any oncological diseases;

– eczema with a tendency to relapse;

– critically overweight or underweight;

– height less than 150 centimeters, RIA Novosti reports.

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