May 5, 2022
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With the help of floral fabric, the craftswoman transformed ordinary slippers

floral fabric for slippersA woman named Lynn just fell in love with slippers from the Italian fashion house Gucci.

floral fabric for slippers

But a resident of Great Britain had a problem – the shoes she liked cost 290 pounds, and the lady was sorry to spend that kind of money on slippers. But the difficulties did not stop the craftswoman, and now she has the opportunity to flaunt in beautiful shoes – although not from Gucci, but very similar. To do this, the lady needed slippers, bought for 4 pounds in a nearby supermarket, a piece of floral fabric for 2.5 pounds and glue. It’s easy to guess what Lynn did. She glued fabric onto her inexpensive slippers, and now they look much more cute.

floral fabric for slippers

Social media users were surprised at the simplicity of such a trick and claim that they will also try to transform ordinary shoes. Lynn, by the way, is not at all opposed to people taking her advice.

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