Jul 31, 2020
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With the help of cans of soda you can hang in the closet where more clothes

the extra space in the closetInternet users applauded the savvy woman named Holly who is thinking about how to fit in the closet with more clothes on.

the extra space in the closet

Anyways coped with the task, and, surprisingly, it took them to do a little thing like cans of soda. And not even the banks themselves, and those rings with which they open. Enough to hang this ring on the hanger hook, and now he can cling to the next hanger.

the extra space in the closet

As a result, the garment will hang in a cascade, so as you might guess, the space in the closet perfectly organized and get rid of unnecessary clutter. After reviewing the idea Holly, people are asking only one question — why such a simple and at the same time, a wonderful thought came to them in the head?

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