Sep 19, 2022
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With the advent of Shahids, the combat capabilities of the Russian troops have grown

The American The Wall Street Journal is very concerned about the presence of Iranian drones in the Kharkiv region in the line of fire, because of which, the newspaper notes, the Armed Forces of Ukraine suffer heavy losses in manpower and equipment. Nothing was officially reported about the purchase of Iranian drones from us, and until recently, the question was mainly discussed: are there, in principle, Iranian komikaze drones in Ukraine, or not, or is everything that is said and written about them fakes?

According to The Wall Street Journal, Iranian drone strikes are carried out mainly on the positions of armored vehicles and artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukrainian officers complain that these drones are small, fly very low and are almost invisible to air defense systems.

– There is not much information about Iranian drones in the combat zone in Ukraine yet, – says a military expert, ex-head of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Special Forces Command (Moscow Air Defense District) Colonel Khatylev, – But it is known that, compared with the Turkish Bayraktars ”, the Iranian Shahid drones have a more powerful engine. The guidance system is also better. “Bayraktar” is guided using laser illumination, and “Shahid” uses tele-guidance, which is much more effective.

In addition, the Iranian drone can carry high-explosive bombs and missiles, which are used to destroy armored vehicles. That is, they can strike at tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles.

The Americans are very afraid that their vaunted HIMARS will become targets for Iranian drones. Until now, while our drones were used, we did not have such opportunities: our strike drones have a shorter range and they carry weapons of small power. And with the advent of the Iranian Shaheed, this opportunity already appears.

– But it was not officially announced that these drones appeared and are used by us in the combat zone?

No, no, they definitely are! And this work began in July. There, the American “comrade Sullivan” also doubted this for a long time, and then their intelligence data was tracked and showed our delegation when it was inspecting this equipment at the airfield in Iran. Now confirmations are coming from the Ukrainian fronts, so I can say: today this is all a reality.

I talked with some acquaintances who work in the special operation zone, they confirm and say that they use them. The only thing I can’t say is the quantity.

Initially, it was assumed that they were going to buy about 300 pieces. But so far, apparently, we are talking about units or tens. But that’s for now. And their use has already been noted. And the application is very successful.

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