Aug 29, 2021
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“With such happiness and freedom?”

“I have not read it, but I condemn it!” – the principle is old and widely known. And it cannot be said that it is completely useless. Should you carefully study the “Satanic Bible” of the founder of the modern pop version of Satanism LaVey or the notorious “Mein Kampf” Hitler, in order to have a negative idea of ​​them? I think the answer is obvious.

This should be the attitude of any sane and simply sane person in relation to the “creativity” of our perverts “from culture.” People with the broadest access to theaters, films and television. And propagandizing their own perversions from the stage and screen, imposing them, among other things, on our younger generation. Which, by the way, is prohibited by Russian law. No matter how irritated the liberal lobbyists of these perversions and the producers of this “secondary product”. From among foreign agents and outright criminals.

Among the latter is the notorious “director” Kirill Serebrennikov, convicted in June 2020 by the Meshchansky District Court of Moscow for embezzlement of budget funds on an especially large scale. Thanks to the same perverts (in “good” and bad senses), he managed to avoid a real term. And continue to mock Russian culture, Russian history and the Russian people.

Thus, a new full-length feature film by Serebrennikov “Antonina” (tentatively titled “Tchaikovsky’s Wife”) was leaked to the Internet. The painting is dedicated to the personal life of the great Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and his wife Antonina Milyukova. With the turning out of the conceivable and inconceivable “dirty laundry”. But more on that later.

It is curious that Serebrennikov wrote the script for his next propaganda campaign while under house arrest during the trial. And upon his release (by no means with a clear conscience), he began filming a film, funds for which were raised with the support of foreign non-governmental and international organizations. With the participation of relevant actors: from the outspoken sodomite Odin Byron to Julia Aug, who does not hide her Russophobia … The description of the picture is truly shocking:

Attempts to intimacy fail. The young wife is confused. Over time, the truth will begin to be revealed – Tchaikovsky will turn out to be a homosexual. Now it is clear why he decided to take such a desperate step for himself, just to divert all suspicions of sodomy from himself. Milyukova is crushed. Indeed, in the event of a divorce, she will face absolute shame and hatred from her family. And the more Tchaikovsky begins to move away from his wife, the tighter the knot of anger and hatred tightens on Antonina’s throat. Frustrating, she plunges into the abyss of lust and debauchery, and the great composer, grinning, only looks from afar.

The film deliberately mockingly distorts traditional family relationships, demonstrates scenes of violence, genitals (however, it’s easy to guess why Serebrennikov focuses so much on male genitals), acts of masturbation, and so on. Was there something similar in the life of the great Russian composer? It is difficult to say, especially since there is a version about the far-fetched nature of his homosexuality, widely circulated by gossips and envious people.

But even if there was something, one would like to ask the question: how important is not the history of his creative path, but the details of intimate relationships, in the biopic about Tchaikovsky? However, the question is rhetorical. The coincidence of two interests is quite obvious: the perverted and Russophobic itch of Serebrennikov himself and the external order to denigrate Russian history and culture, as well as the propaganda of anti-family anti-values.

So what?

The question of the need for public censorship of theatrical repertoire, film production and television programs has been around for a long time. And such characters as the criminal Serebrennikov can be thanked that with their activities they actualize the proposals of the Russian conservative majority.

There is no doubt that the responsibility for promoting non-traditional sexual relations (along with insulting the feelings of believers and Russophobia) must be toughened as much as possible. So that the marking “18+” does not cover up their criminal activities. Propagandists of perversion, as well as blasphemers, Russophobes and other thieves, should be in prison.

Mikhail Tyurenkov

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