Nov 16, 2021
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With greetings from Boris Fedorovich: Russians are pushed towards the market of surrogate alcohol

With greetings from Boris Fedorovich: Russians are pushed towards the market of surrogate alcohol

Photo: Vladimir Smirnov / TASS

Vodka will soon rise in price – the Ministry of Finance has warned that from January 1, 2022, the minimum cost of “half a liter” will increase from 243 rubles to 261 rubles, that is, by 7.4%. Cognac will rise in price by 7.6% to at least 480 rubles. It would seem that it is by no means critical, but under this case the prices for strong alcohol can rise by 15-25%.

When it comes to vodka and gasoline, citizens of the Russian Federation display an amazing knowledge of the “political situation”. As soon as the news hit the tapes, people immediately reacted. Everyone now has smartphones.

A small “network” store, a peasant pushes a cart loaded with alcohol to the cash register. Behind him – another one. And further. The shelves are getting empty.

“Here, (unprintable expression), had time before these (unprintable) prices raised. I’m sure the price tags will be changed today, tomorrow as a last resort. And since the New Year, I think, it will not be drunk at all, (unprintable expression) the Kremlin in general (unprintable expression) “, – such is he,” the voice of the people. ” Not very printed, but to the point.

The reason for the rise in price is an increase in excise tax, which, however, was predictable. However, what is the connection between the increase in excise tax by 4% and the price of “half a liter” by 7.4%? The officials of the Russians are not going to devote to such details.

Already warned about the impending rise in alcohol prices.

“We should expect a rise in prices by 10-15%. Grain used for the production of alcohol and vodka is becoming more expensive. Accordingly, the price of alcohol is growing. Therefore, strong alcohol will rise in price by 15 percent by the New Year, as well as beer, ”predicted about a month ago the chairman of the National Union for the Protection of Consumer Rights, head of the Center for the Development of National Alcohol Policy Pavel Shapkin

However, now these figures should be doubled. And the price of alcohol has nothing to do with it, it is a penny in the cost of a bottle. In the literal sense of the word. Let’s count.

The retail price of a liter of ethyl alcohol “Lux” in the Russian Federation is currently about 300 rubles, the wholesale price is several times lower. In a “half liter” so dear to many, there are only 200 grams of С2Н5ОН, even at the retail price – this is about 50 rubles for alcohol. And for the purchases of distilleries – much less, somewhere around a gold piece. Or – 4% of the very minimum cost of a bottle.

But our arithmetic is wrong, we need to correct it. Significantly – at times. We are considering expensive “Lux”, meanwhile, “people’s votka” is not made from it, and not even from “Extra” – from the so-called “Basis” or something worse. The cost of a liter of this terrible liquid, depending on the degree of stench and origin, as mathematicians say, generally tends to zero. In the sense of the wholesale, the one at which the factories buy it.

And they buy not always legally produced alcohol, according to various estimates, the “shadow market” makes up 40-60% of the total C2H5OH turnover in the country. This is both “clandestine” manufactured products and all kinds of smuggling from neighboring countries. Moreover, the “underground workers” are not at all “partisans” -the racers from the famous film with Vitsin, Nikulin and Morgunovwho are hiding in the forest. It’s just that the distillery “corrects” the output indicators, and part of the goods is not taken into account in the accounting department.

Thus, the cost of alcohol in the cost of a bottle of “folk drink” is somewhere around a percent. Or a couple of rubles. Those same pennies promised above.

By the way, if you buy a bottle of expensive vodka and read on the label that it is made from Lux alcohol, do not believe your eyes. You, how to put it mildly, are being deceived. From “Lux” there was an initial batch of the drink, then the costs were reduced. And now it is “Extra”, that is, up to 60% of potato starch is rotten potatoes. Bon Appetit!

To put it bluntly, the officials simply gave the go-ahead to rob the people once again. Yes, they will take 4% of the excise tax and successfully “drink”, and the rest is left to the mercy of the hucksters.

Along the way, they want to leave people without high-quality alcohol produced on their own. Just yesterday, the Federation Council Committee on Budget and Financial Markets proposed introducing state regulation of the production and circulation of moonshine stills in the Russian Federation. Surprisingly in sync with the announcement of plans to raise the cost of alcohol in stores.

“Moonshine is not an easy thing, I would even say, difficult. Personally, I get a quality product – 93% triple-purified alcohol. Then I insist on herbs and berries, study the old recipe. I am not particularly limited in funds, I like to drink, but I am not going to consume any store-bought muck. So I drive high-quality alcohol for myself. Not prohibited. And you won’t be able to ban it. Yes, they can try, they have a little mind. Even to imprison or fine someone demonstratively is enough foolishness. But apart from the anger of the people, whose degree is already high, they will not achieve anything, ”said the former investigator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and now the head of the security service of one large structure, Konstantin.

“I make calvados and plum brandy, and I’m trying to master grappa, but it’s not working yet. I study. Exceptionally natural raw materials, from the dacha of my parents, they live in my outback, in an ecologically clean area. I also make all sorts of wines, experimenting with filtration and other technologies. It’s interesting, addictive. The very process of using is already becoming secondary. Will they try to ban it? Well, well … Let the “ban” be raised first, ”laughs the young businessman Aleksey.

The initiative to ban moonshine, indeed, already smacks of outright insanity. And it raises additional questions. Alcoholics don’t do this, they just don’t know how. At the same time, there is no underground moonshine business that existed in the Soviet Union in the Russian Federation. It’s just not profitable. At home, you cannot get alcohol at the same low price as the traders offer. Taking into account the rise in prices for sugar, electricity etc. the cost of moonshine is off the charts. But you still need to make a profit …

From a five-liter canister of “Lux” of dubious origin, which can be bought for 1,700–1800 rubles (and with luck, even for 1200–1500 rubles), you will get 12.5 liters of homemade vodka – 25 bottles. The price of “half a liter” is only 50-70 rubles. Whisper! But you can still find cheaper raw materials …

Alcohol will undoubtedly also rise in price and its quality will decline. But this is not the main danger. As has happened more than once, all kinds of alcohol-containing liquids, including the most dangerous, will be used.

The rise in the price of vodka and the prohibition of home brewing again gives a “green street” to any poisonous chemicals. It turns out that our “servants of the people” were allowed to persecute the “electorate”, as they now contemptuously call the citizens of “Erfeia”?

The process is already in full swing: according to Rosstat, in 2020, due to “accidental” alcohol poisoning in Russia, 10,206 people died – 58% (3,755) more people than in 2019.

And this is the official statistics, which are being “corrected” with might and main. Doctors are forbidden to write the real causes of death, the diagnoses mean “death from a disease of the digestive system”, “death from a circulatory disease”, etc. Independent experts say there are 30-50 thousand deaths from alcoholic surrogates a year, and that this figure may soon double.

On the contrary, the cost of a bottle of vodka should be reduced – to 100 rubles or even 50 rubles. In regions such as, for example, the Orenburg region, where massive methyl alcohol poisoning recently occurred (34 people died!), The minimum wage is 12.5 thousand rubles. And many get it! So let the man better buy a bottle of cheap vodka made at the factory from alcohol, this is not such a bad thing. At the same time, the distillery will earn money, and the state will also. And the person will remain alive. But our “servants of the people” are doing quite the opposite. Which imitates more and more questions.

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