May 11, 2022
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With bad teeth, we will soon go to the blacksmith

With bad teeth, we will soon go to the blacksmith

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Dentists complain that supplies of filling material and other “consumables” are running out, there are no spare parts and accessories for dental drills, problems with other medicines. There is practically nothing domestic, equipment has not been produced for a long time, medicines, too. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Industry and Trade create “working groups” and meet, other methods of solving problems are unknown to officials.

According to the Russian Dental Association, the share of imported materials in the industry is at least 90%. Moreover, the topic of the notorious “import substitution” in the foreseeable future cannot be solved in principle, because it is necessary to bring domestic dentistry to the level at which it has never been.

“What we are working on now, in comparison with Soviet technologies, is just heaven and earth. Yes, the filling material was strong then, the fillings are still holding. But they are ugly, black, then they used, relatively speaking, cement. Now there are completely different materials, there are a lot of them, they are interesting and beautiful, but they are all imported,” explains dentist Dmitry.

However, it cannot be said that dentistry in the Soviet Union was completely backward. It just developed in a completely different direction. More precisely, two. The first was implantology, but not the one that is practiced today. Now screws are screwed into the jaw bones, on which dental prostheses are attached. Hell of a technology…

Soviet scientists took a different path. Everything ingenious is simple – you just need to “deceive” the human body and slip it an artificial tooth instead of a “native” tooth. And then he will take the place of the patient, grow into the gum and begin to be perceived as an initially living object. The research went on for a very long time, since it was necessary to select the composition of the coating that the body would “like”. And in the mid-80s, success came.

The tests were carried out on the basis of the Botkin hospital, on volunteers. If you don’t have teeth, then any chance of getting them is considered manna from heaven. There were problems. The teeth successfully took root, but not always straight, sometimes they stood up crookedly. But this technical problem was solved and, most importantly, the method worked successfully. In principle, this technology promised a complete revolution in the entire world of dentistry and prosthetics, because at any moment, instead of a hopelessly ill or ugly tooth, a new healthy and pretty one could be implanted.

However, no one needs revolutions. The volume of the world market of dentistry is about $30 billion, of which about $20 billion is the so-called “aesthetic dentistry”. And the world mafia of “dentists” rules everything, and it is very powerful, active and cruel.

“Perestroika” began and the professor was soon killed. His student understood everything correctly and moved away from the topic, he is still alive. He is engaged in “classical” dentistry and no longer climbs into science, which is why he survived. All the results of the research have disappeared somewhere, disappeared – with the ends. Surnames are omitted, for those who are interested – you can try to find them yourself.

The second topic is also very interesting. There are cases when very old people begin to grow new teeth. This has been repeatedly documented, scientists are aware, in general, this is by no means idle tales. Fact, but not scientifically explained. And then, in the years of the USSR, they began to explore it.

The idea was also simple as an orange. You need to understand how it works, and learn how to start this process at will. A certain percentage of defective teeth in the body has been reached, we press the “button” – and they are completely updated. Like a shark that “changes” its teeth from time to time.

What successes have been achieved in this field and whether there were any – it is not known exactly. The topic was confidential. But by no means because of the teeth, they are so – a side effect. Possible. The whole topic is steeply tied to genetics, to the issues of aging and renewal of the human body.

Today, geneticists claim that they can read the genome and even know what is responsible for what function where and where. This is not entirely true. More precisely, it is not true at all. In fact, in front of them is a certain “text” written in an incomprehensible language and with an obscure encryption system. There is no understanding even of how to read it, relatively speaking, from left to right or vice versa, or even diagonally. “Books” are also unknown. In other words, “Chinese writing”, completely incomprehensible. And all attempts to get in there are similar to if the village locksmith Vasya starts hacking with his crooked and hung hands the ECU (“brains”) of the modern Mercedes.

Judging by indirect information, studies on this topic are also closed. Domestic genetics in general is not going through the brightest times, they are engaged more in theoretical research, all applied projects have been liquidated. Or they are so secret that it’s creepy. But this is unlikely. Yes, our “oligarchs” and the Kremlin’s “celestials” would like to become Duncan MacLeods. With healthy teeth. But given the crisis of domestic science that has been observed over the past 30 years, this is completely unscientific fiction.

The Central Research Institute of Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery (TsNIIS, established in 1962) could never boast of any particular success. They caught up with the capitalist West, it turned out so-so, although, as mentioned above, quite reliable filling materials were developed there. Even more.

No special work was done on aesthetics, in fact, such a task was never set. Metal ceramics for crowns appeared later than abroad, but it was, and very high quality. But it wasn’t very popular. Gold crowns are practically everything for us. Such was the fashion in the USSR …

At the moment, TsNIIS has become, in fact, a government agency that only writes out paperwork. “Technical tests of dental materials and dental products for internal prosthetics for the purposes of state registration with Roszdravnadzor” are being carried out. Likewise for drugs.

There is no science, for a long time, because implementation is impossible in principle. The entire Soviet structure of enterprises that produced filling materials and other components was completely destroyed long ago – at the suggestion of foreigners, primarily Americans, who run the world “dental mafia”.

However, this mafia is by no means ruled by fools, and they really do not want to lose such a market as Russia.

“We have China and Korea at our side, which have been releasing everything for many years, we will adjust. Colleagues have already tried the “Koreans”, and the reviews were very positive. But the orthodox German dentist fundamentally works only with his kosher materials and switching to Chinese-Korean products is like death for him, ”writes an orthopedic dentist with 30 years of experience, owner of the Good Dentist Clinic network in his blog Emil Aghajanyan.

Money, as you know, does not smell, and supplies in general have already resumed. The ruble has also strengthened, so prices in clinics have more or less returned to their previous level. Although not everywhere and not for everything. And this calm is very shaky, temporary. At any moment, we can finally “shut off oxygen”. The Fed will print many, many dollars to its dental “dons of Corleone” and shut them up, fortunately, this demarche is worth nothing to this financial structure. And in Russia everyone will walk with bad teeth. Incidentally, the problem of a national scale!

There is nothing, not even drills. The Volgograd medical equipment plant lies in the truest sense of the word in ruins – as after the bombing. They even shot films about the Battle of Stalingrad there. And all “domestic” drills are Chinese products. It’s good that there is at least one…

Now it would be worthwhile to quickly purchase equipment (factories, preferably on a turnkey basis) for the production of everything necessary. At the very least, no frills. The same filling materials. Fortunately, there is enough money. But nothing of the kind has been heard, the third month of the “special operation” has already begun, and officials only portray vigorous activity. The Ministry of Health, Roszdravnadzor and the Ministry of Industry and Trade have created as many as 20 working groups to “identify critical medical devices, determine the need for them, and develop measures aimed at preventing defects in medical devices if foreign manufacturers or importers leave the market.” They are sitting.

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