Jul 16, 2020
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Wise statuses about stupid people

Statuses about stupid people – what you need for emotional release. Tell your friends about what leads to the shock using the following phrases.

Does the stupidity of a right to exist?stupid man

  1. They say the human brain is limitless. But in our case it is only about infinite stupidity.
  2. The ability to objectively assess their own capabilities, and itself is already a sign of intelligence, regardless of education.
  3. Do not complain about failures. They alone are able to protect you from your own stupidity.
  4. Stupid could be right as right can be stupid.
  5. In our society it is accepted that the insanity done in the name of love – not crazy at all.
  6. To try and fail – experience, to try, to fail and to repeat the stupidity.
  7. An intelligent man remains so because that is constantly evolving. Stupid development for anything, he knows all that.
  8. The more you try to change people around, the more you human stupidity.

Silly dreams happen in our mindssilly dreams

It is not necessary to claim a right not too intelligent people, because it will still be in them. Much more appropriate – to view the status about stupid people.

  1. Even a PhD does not exclude the fact that you ever sneeze and hit the wall.
  2. The stupidity of people getting used to their second halves in mind that this is the mate doing the same…
  3. To live with a stupid man – not bad. But when he’s up to something – it is a real disaster.
  4. Not to look for the perfect person – not a sign of stupidity. But just the opposite.
  5. Tired of waiting, let me be ridiculous: I’ll write first.
  6. If in a drunken state we called not the former, and future, we would be much smarter.
  7. To draw attention to the stupidity – is, but research to generate another stupid thing yourself.
  8. Sometimes to proclaim their thoughts to analysis – means to acquire yourself up for success. But remember that it happens very rarely.

Laughter is a clever phrase in the mouth of the foolishsilly man

Statuses about stupid men, especially for calming beautiful ladies. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to make a subtle allusion to the beloved in social networks.

  1. When the man with puzzled faces trying to understand the principles of make-up, it’s cute. And when he tries and you still learn something – it’s scary.
  2. I think it’s stupid to figure out whose logic is steeper. Especially in a country where the word “logic” is feminine.
  3. The horror of our society – that the presence of ideas does not necessarily mean that they are smart.
  4. Silly man – not only the one who does not allow himself too much, but the one who does not allow himself too much even when you need to.
  5. According to many men, not to stand out from the herd – not so bad. At least, not bad.
  6. Stupid is not a man who behaves like a woman. A foolish woman, who at this time is next to him.
  7. I wonder how many bad guys. Yes, not frost it, but really waiting for the first step!
  8. The stupidity of men that he often overestimates his own independence. And very often they themselves are not on hand.

Stupid woman – she’s in the legendsstupid woman

Amazingly, the “narrow-minded” girls are more likely to just irritate the other girls. In General, people of any gender can set statuses about stupid women with meaning.

  1. No need to cut man. So you give him the opportunity to hurt you and you still stay together.
  2. Conversation with a stupid friend and a dangerous lowering to her level. Always choose friends carefully!
  3. Look at some women and think, “Well of course, where such a fragile more the brain to wear?”
  4. Really smart woman can make a man think you’re smarter than he is. This is the wisdom of the fair sex…
  5. You ever seen happy girls? Have you ever noticed that basically they are stupid?..
  6. People visit the circus to 10 years, but clones usually watches my whole life.
  7. If you still can not find smart and pretty girls, stop searching. They are either just smart or just pretty, or pretend to any of them.
  8. Even a smart woman knows when her cheating, but still hoping for the best.

Crazy things happen to us at any agegirl thinks of crazy things

Statuses about stupid people with a sense of make you think. And the thing that smart people often see themselves in them…

  1. People just starting a career, needs to lie shamelessly in the summary, and say untruthful compliments to the chief.
  2. Remember that a wise man, zealously adhering to his point of view, in most cases alone.
  3. To hear praise from the enemy means to do something contrary to their interests.
  4. No matter how much we trust the stereotypes, but always remain stupid – impossible. How to be smart.
  5. You can’t criticize a person for the same shortcomings you have. But, select fools prove otherwise!
  6. Ethnic stupidity to think bad some nation.
  7. If you go to the UNIVERSITY, to smarten up, it is possible that will find stupid.

Let not the most intelligent people meet you only in the lines status!

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