Sep 16, 2020
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Wise grandma’s advice to keep money in the house

Wise grandma's advice to keep money in the house

The advice of our grandmothers is a storehouse of wisdom that will help you cope with life's troubles and find a way out of a difficult situation. Simple tips will show you how to attract more happiness, health and material wealth.

Folk wisdom is not just superstition, but effective help in the fight against life's troubles. The editorial office invites you to get acquainted with the useful advice of our grandmothers, thanks to which it will be possible to get rid of not only annoying debts, but also to attract money to the house.

1. Before going into debt, determine the amount you could borrow, and never ask again. This will save you money.

2. Always pass money with your right hand and accept with your left.

3. Do not count money in the dark - their energy can fade away.

4. It is customary to borrow money immediately after the New Moon, on the waxing moon, and to “extinguish” debts - immediately after the Full Moon.

5. You can not put money or wallet on the dinner table - you can lose wealth.

6. By throwing something out of the window, you are throwing away your income.

7. You can not scatter trifles around the house - to failure.

8. In one apartment they don't sweep with two brooms - so you can sweep your wealth.

9. When buying some things in the store, make sure that your wallet does not remain empty, otherwise you will experience financial difficulties all the time while these things are with you.

10. Having driven into a new apartment, scatter silver near the threshold for a hearty life and well-being.

11. Keep your wallet in order, do not wrinkle money and do not mix bills of different denominations among themselves - such a mess scares off money luck.

12. Noticing a bright month in the sky, open your wallet and show him your money - income will go up.

13. All plumbing in the house must be in good order, otherwise money will go away like water.

14. Sweep the crumbs from the table with a rag, but not with your hand - otherwise you will lose money.

15. Always pour into a mug to the brim and drink to the bottom, then you will be rich.

16. Don't clean, sweep, wash, or throw away your trash in the evening - your luck will run out.

17. A broom is a money talisman, so there should be a special attitude towards it. Put it up with a broom, and there will always be a lot of wealth in the house.

18. Do not pick up money and do not bring it into the house, because through it they transmit damage.

19. Do not pass money over the threshold - give up wealth.

20. Put an aspen leaf in a cache of money - it will attract money.

21. Put several bills of any denomination under the tablecloth - the money will flow into the house, and there will be no thefts.

22. After receiving your salary, set aside one bill for yourself. Carry it in a separate pocket, it will work as a talisman and attract new income.

23. Do not throw bags, scarves and hats on the table - you will be left without work and earnings.

24. There should always be a coin under the door rug - it attracts money.

25. To prevent money from being transferred in the house, always keep spices in the kitchen, especially cloves.

26. On Monday they do not lend, otherwise the whole week will be at a loss. On Tuesday, no borrowing is taken - you can get bogged down in debt.

27. Debts are given in small denominations.

28. When buying something in the store, give the money folded.

Every piece of advice carries power, and in order for it to work, you need to believe. The ability to subjugate popular wisdom and make it a powerful weapon to combat lack of money is the very gift that was taught to use from generation to generation.

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