Oct 27, 2021
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Winter lip care tips

Winter lip care tips

What to do to prevent your lips from drying out in winter, read the article.

In winter, we are faced with the problem of chapped lips.

There are 6 reasons why this happens:

  1. lack of vitamins;
  2. environmental impact: strong wind, frost, scorching sun;
  3. dry skin;
  4. the habit of licking your lips;
  5. smoking;
  6. allergy to cosmetics.

Why you can’t lick your lips

More often, cracks on the lips appear in the corners or on the lower lip. The upper lip is less prone to cracking, as the lower lip is usually licked.

Human saliva contains two enzymes that strongly affect dry lips: amylase and maltase. When the saliva on the lips dries up, it evaporates the natural moisture, resulting in more dry lips. Therefore, you should not lick your lips, especially in the wind and frost.

Lip care

Taking care of your lips in winter involves cleansing, softening, moisturizing, and applying protective agents.


To prevent dry lips, you need to peel once a week – remove dead body particles. You can buy a scrub at a store or make it yourself. To do the peeling yourself, smear your lips with melted honey and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse off the honey with warm water or eat it, and wipe your lips with a damp towel, scrubbing away dead skin. You cannot use the method if you have cracks or wounds on your lips.

Massages and masks

All you need is a soft toothbrush. After scrubbing and massaging your lips, apply a moisturizing mask.

You will need:

1 tsp sour cream;
1 tsp olive oil;
a few drops of lemon.
Mix everything thoroughly and apply to lips. Let it sit for 10 minutes.

Brew chamomile tea, dip a cotton pad in it and remove the mask from your lips.

There are 3 remedies for dry lips:

Coconut oil. It is easily absorbed into the skin. Serves as an emollient and moisturizer. To apply, heat the oil in a water bath or microwave and apply warm to the lips several times a day. Because of its gloss, the oil can be used as a lip gloss.

Cucumber. Made up of 90% water to help restore moisture to the lips. Cucumber contains ascorbic acid, which promotes collagen production.

Cut the cucumber into slices and leave on your lips for 20 minutes.

Balm. Use as often as possible. It contains herbs and natural oils that soften and nourish the lips.

Folk remedies for lip care

Use folk remedies to soften and moisturize your lips, as well as quickly heal small cracks.

Applesauce and Butter Mask

Combine the ingredients in equal amounts and apply on lips for 15-20 minutes. Applesauce is best made with fresh apples without additives.

Cocoa butter lip balm

Take equal proportions of cocoa butter and coconut oil, which are base oils, and heat them in a steam bath until smooth.

Remove from water bath and add liquid oils according to your wishes:

  • almond oil – to moisturize and nourish the skin;
  • avocado oil – relieves various dermatitis, including cold;
  • rosehip – regenerates the skin and saturates it with vitamin C;
  • calendula – has antiseptic properties, relieves inflammation.

Liquid oils should be added in a ratio of 4: 1 – 4 parts of base oil to 1 part of liquid oil.

What can not be used

In order not to overdry the skin of the lips and not to provoke the appearance of cracks on the lips, you should be careful with matte lipsticks in winter. They contain ingredients that dry and dehydrate your lips.

Cosmetologists advise against using lip balms often. Even the best and most natural balm over time provokes dry lips.

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