Jan 10, 2021
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Will there be a parade of planets in 2021

Will there be a parade of planets in 2021

The parade of the planets is one of the most important astronomical and astrological events. Experts talked about what such a parade of planets is, what it is fraught with and whether it is worth waiting for it this year.

The planets have a very great impact on humanity and on each of us individually. The largest of them depict Mercury, Mars and Venus, but sometimes the night sparkles unite in a parade of planets to dramatically change the course of history.

A parade is a conjunction of several planets. This is a similar aspect, in which the planets will be very close friend to friend in the night sky, that is, they line up on one side of the Sun.

There is a big and small parade. A big parade is one in which five or more planets line up in a row. A small parade requires four planets. These phenomena will occur fractionally, but in 2021 not a single full-fledged parade of planets is expected.

From an astrological point of view, a parade is always an unpleasant phenomenon. Even a small parade of planets will be in great danger. When the planets gather in one Zodiac Sign, this negatively affects one area of ​​life. Actually, therefore, the lack of planetary parades in 2021 makes it more suitable.

The absence of such phenomena is very important, unusual considering the year 2020 fell for humanity. It was difficult, unpredictable and very dangerous due to the pandemic and political squabbles. The year 2021 promises to start correcting the problems that came into our lives in the Year of the Rat.

There comes a time when you need to reconsider your relationship to troubles, focusing on their solution and on the positive. 2021 of the Ox may be the beginning of a new time. It will be difficult for people to unite, but it must be done, because all this will lead us to victory over problems.

Experts remind that in 2021 there will be countless other important events: supermoons, starfalls, monthly and solar eclipses, retrograde planets. Try to follow them so that you know what to expect at one stage or another.

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