Mar 5, 2021
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Will the wave of zombisexuality reach Russia?

For several days now, the media of the advanced world have been trying to comprehend the amazing results of research on the sexual orientation of citizens in the United States and Great Britain.

For those who did not follow: almost simultaneously, Gallup in America and Ipsos in Britain conducted a survey – and found out that the number of citizens who define themselves as LGBT skyrocketed.

Gallup reports: back in 2012 (already, we note, completely and completely liberal in relation to sexual minorities), the percentage of Americans who consider themselves LGBT was 3.5%. At the beginning of 2021, they became 5.6%. An increase of more than one and a half times (and in comparison, say, with 2000 – 2.8 times).

But in fact, these are still trifles. Another fact really detonated in the mass consciousness.

Among aksakals born before 1946, only 1.3% feel themselves to be sex minorities.

Among baby boomers (1946-1964), two percent.

Among the once rebellious and lost, but now quite respectable generation X (1964-1980) – 3.8%.

And, finally, among generation Z (1996-2002, younger people were not interviewed, they are still underage) – 15.9%.

That is, almost 16%, or roughly one in six young Americans, declare themselves gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual.

But Britain has overtaken the United States.

Commenting on this fact, specially trained experts strongly welcome the super-shift that has taken place in the sexual identity of the masses.

“Each next generation experiences less and less external pressure and coercion to be heterosexual,” says, for example, Karen Blair, an expert on the psychology of sexual orientation at Trent University, Ontario, Canada. (Someone might suspect her of bias due to her own LGBT activism. But for such a suspicion, expressed publicly, in modern advanced society, they will be licked, accused of homophobia, banned from Twitter and fired from work to hell.)

By the way, I honestly tried to find in the advanced and mainstream, that is, “decent”, Western media at least a shadow of doubt on the topic “Are there too many deviations from practical heterosexuality? How will this affect, for example, the already catastrophic birth rate? Is this a guaranteed depopulation of the local population for the advanced countries? ” But no, nothing like that: decent people in decent media don’t ask these obvious questions. One must think – simply because for such questions they will immediately be ripped off the shoulder straps of decency and thrown from work in the cold and from social networks.

Some Russian media and some authors took the results of these polls quite simply: well, do you remember how we were told that there is no gay propaganda? Several years have passed – and from 1/6 to “almost half” of young people in the West have already become gay, lesbian and transgender. It took only a few years to iron the mass consciousness by the fact that you need to be gay – and the fragile youth obediently becomes him.

In reality, it appears to be even tougher, more difficult and – perhaps even worse.

The fact is that a detailed examination of the results of the American poll reveals a tragicomic nuance.

This, we recall, is an attraction both to one’s own and to the opposite sex. It is also, so to speak, the most liberal form of sex minority, “allowing” girls to love boys and vice versa.

But that’s not all. The overwhelming majority of these “bisexuals” admit that at the moment they are either in a heterosexual relationship (33%), or they do it at all, voluntarily or involuntarily, without any relationship (55.5%). Only 3.7% meet and cohabit with persons of the same sex (which, I note, is only slightly higher than the usual level, as was believed in the 20th century).

But what he really managed to achieve was the introduction into the minds of young people of the understanding that being biologically normal is not cool. That it is depressing. If you are normal and ordinary, then you will not be liked, at school, the psychologist and the administration will not carefully cackle over you, you will not be invited to a conference on your equality, someone more “diverse” will be chosen instead of you in the school council, you will you will remain uninteresting and deprived of any practical bonuses, privileges and social approval.

And, of course, the mantra “This is because I have an unusual sexual identity” works great as a reason not to get sucked into normal human love-family relationships. For building relationships is always work, it is some work on yourself, if you like. The advanced sex identity lucidly explains that working on oneself is not only not necessary, but also impossible: this is “compulsion to heterosexuality” under the yoke of a toxic external environment.

Thus, the real orientation successfully introduced in advanced countries is, so to speak, “zombisexuality”: the young have realized that it is not cool to strive to please the opposite sex, and received a universal indulgence not to make special efforts to conquer the “traditional” social approval.

Thus, it is rather zombisexualization that is evident – the transformation of outwardly sexually mature and biologically normal young men and women into lonely units that are non-functional from the point of view of creating stable social ties.

Why this trend, which is obviously self-destructive for any society, is so enthusiastically supported (in every sense) by modern Big Money – we can only speculate. However, it cannot be said that Big Money so much hid its goals: suffice it to recall that one of the richest people on the planet, Microsoft founder and father of many children, Bill Gates, together with his wife Melinda, actively sponsors women’s health programs in poor countries (which are evil critics called “population control programs”). He also owns the famous 2010 quote (quoted by Reuters) at the climate conference: “There are 6.8 billion people in the world now. It could grow to about nine billion. If we did really good work on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health – we could reduce it by perhaps ten to fifteen percent “(plea not to cling to the word” vaccine “- Gates meant that while reducing deaths from diseases in poor countries, along with the spread of contraception, their populations will cease to multiply so madly).

Be that as it may, it is obvious that from the point of view of the advanced Big Money, the present mankind is too much.

And therefore, the problem of depopulation and aging of advanced countries (somewhere replenished by the import of immigrants, and somewhere simply melting) is devoted not just at times, but orders of magnitude fewer publications in the mainstream media than any problem of Global Warming.

… Here the question remains: will the wave of zombisexuality reach Russia?

There is no simple answer. In part, of course, she is already here: our fellow citizens definitely get along worse with each other than 100 years ago.

And to do this, it must grab a lot of state money and state administrative resources, which – at least in the short term – is not visible.

So, probably, too many young people in our zombiesexuals do not have a snack yet.

Victor Marakhovsky

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