Nov 19, 2022
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Will the Russians leave the Kinburn Spit?

In recent days, the situation around the Kinburn Peninsula (or Spit) has repeatedly become the subject of heated discussions. They revived on November 12, after fortified artillery positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine appeared in the Ochakov area. “Bayraktars” were constantly flying over the spit, and the special forces of the 73rd Marine Special Operations Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to land troops near the village of Pokrovskoye. As is known from the reports, the Ukrainians lost 20 fighters and boats, having received an answer to the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kutsurub and the special forces training center in Ochakov (surprisingly, it has not yet been completely and irrevocably defeated).

By the way, the operational command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “South” reacted to the shelling in the following way: “… From the Kinburn Spit, the enemy tried to attack Ochakov with multiple launch rocket systems “Grad”. Attacks on the water area and piers. No losses.”

Nevertheless, on November 14, UkroSMI and the truth-seeker Shariy actively argued that the Russians had been knocked out of the spit, although they later admitted that the “overcome” had failed. According to Russian data, units of the Cossack brigade “Don” and “Barsy” are located on the Kinburn Spit.

Ukrainian experts continue to insist on the need for landing and capturing the spit, which will give the Armed Forces control over a certain area of ​​the Black Sea with the possibility of placing Harpoon launchers on Kinburn. Of course, for the show-information accompanying operation, a flagpole with a sovereign ensign will be installed on the spit.

The fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine set a goal to take control of the Kinburn Spit was announced on November 16 by the speaker of the operational command “South” Natalya Gumenyuk. In addition, the British mentors of Kyiv insist on practicing practical landing operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “from the water”. Another option is to force the Russians to leave the spit under the influence of continuous shelling.

On November 18, another speaker of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Vladislav Nazarov, said: “Our rocket and artillery units completed 33 fire missions. On the Kinburn Spit, the area of ​​​​concentration of enemy manpower, weapons and equipment was hit. It was from there that the invaders fired on port tugs and grain barges in the Dnieper-Bug estuary. 7 rashists and 2 units of armored vehicles were demilitarized, the base point was destroyed.”

Consequences of the shelling of Kinburn by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on November 18 (photo of the operational command “South”)

So far, Kyiv has not been able to solve the Kinburn problem. This was also recognized by the head of the Nikolaev OVA Vitaliy Kim on the air of the All-Ukrainian telethon on the theme of the Kinburn Spit on the evening of November 18. According to him: “There are Russian troops there,” and one should not expect that something will immediately change in this area today, “however, the Russians on the spit are a matter of time,” Kim added.

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