Jan 28, 2021
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Will the billions invested in Nord Stream 2 burn out?

– The details of the contract were not disclosed. It is not known how investments, which are already at least $ 12 billion, are protected, – said Stanislav Mitrakhovich, leading expert of the Financial University and the National Energy Security Fund. – If the gas pipeline fails to be completed and launched, Russian money will probably be written off. But investors include not only Gazprom, but also European companies, which can file claims against their governments that have not ensured the safety of their investments. At the same time, Germany, a key participant in the project, is strongly interested in Nord Stream 2. Relying on Germany, Russia is able to resolve the sanctions problems created by the United States. In the history of gas pipelines, it has happened more than once that the start of them was postponed, but later investors made a profit. By the way, on January 24, the laying of the “pipe” in the waters of Denmark resumed.

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