Sep 16, 2020
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Will Tesak be made a legend Not everyone will believe in the version of Maxim Martsinkevich’s suicide

So, in jail No. 3 of Chelyabinsk, the body of the popular in certain circles right-wing nationalist Maxim Martsinkevich, also known as Tesak, was found in solitary confinement. According to the official version, they were going to transfer him to Moscow for additional investigative actions, where at least two more charges were to be brought against him - of murder and causing grievous bodily harm. And on the eve, unable to withstand, they say, the pangs of conscience, Tesak took his own life, leaving a letter for his wife and some notes.

It is clear that his comrades-in-arms did not believe in such an interpretation of events, believing that their brother in spirit was simply killed, because, on the one hand, they could not bend, they say, a seasoned man, an experienced prisoner, who had been shaking for his beliefs for the third time, and forced take on a few more crimes. On the other hand, they could not allow his release around May 2021. They say, knowing the organizational abilities of Tesak, some forces were especially afraid that he would not turn around again, playing primarily on the topic of the influx of migrant workers from Central Asia, which is increasingly painful for our society. Especially against the background of information that has appeared on new government measures to compensate for the natural decline in the Russian population due to the influx of migrants.

It is clear that everyone is free to interpret any event in the key he needs. Especially when it comes to incidents with prominent figures. Regardless of the sign with which their activity is perceived. The paradox of the current situation lies in the fact that now even those forces are ready to speculate on the Tesak theme for which during his lifetime he was absolutely unacceptable. And it is deeply symbolic that the well-known Lyubov Sobol, a lawyer at the office of Alexei Navalny, expressed sorrow over the death of Tesak.

The piquancy of such emotional sympathy lies in the fact that in 2007 Tesak received his first term, not least on the basis of Navalny's denunciation, who reported on his neo-fascist slogans voiced during a debate at the Bilingua political club. In addition, Navalny called Martsinkevich "an agent of the special services." Many years later, the same accusation is from time to time brought against Alexei himself, who, however, constantly gets off with suspended sentences.

But, we repeat, even opponents of the living Martsinkevich now may well shed crocodile tears over him, linking his alleged suicide with the poisoning of Navalny himself. They say that the authorities, worried about their fate, are beginning to systematically destroy their brightest and most consistent opponents, regardless of their political orientation. Extremities are known to always converge.

Needless to say, the Tesak case should be the subject of a thorough investigation, I think. Public medical and forensic examination. After all, he was not even poisoned in a cafe with rat poison, but in a pre-trial detention center, where he was clearly constantly under close supervision. Otherwise, he will automatically replenish the list of sacred victims, acquire the posthumous appearance of a modern Robin Hood, who fought against distributors who poisoned young people with spice, and persecuted pedophiles, among whom were supposedly high-ranking figures.

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