Oct 17, 2021
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Will Taichibekov be given a Nobel Prize for Russian Kazakhstan?

In the photo: Ermek Taychibekov.

In the photo: Ermek Taychibekov. (Photo: AP Photo / Fernando Vergara / TASS, Ermek Taychibekov’s VKontakte page)

History of the persecution of a Kazakh dissident Ermek Taichibekova entered a new stage. By refusing to revoke his 7-year strict regime sentence in the court of appeal, the Almaty court actually launched a broad international campaign in support of the political prisoner. The cynicism of the “justice” of Kazakhstan, an attempt even in court to play the national card – the appointment of the Russian judge Svetlana Yakovleva as the speaker of the panel of judges, with the presiding Kazakh judge, especially outraged the public.

The international support group formed before the consideration of the appeal published an appeal to international human rights organizations, in which the case of Ermek Taychibekov was called political. There was a call for help to the prisoner. “The situation with democratic institutions in the Republic of Kazakhstan is getting worse every year,” the document says. All power is concentrated in the hands of the clan Nazarbayev, who created for himself a special position of the Father of the Nation and now “has dictatorial powers in fact.”

The word was followed by a deed. The “Russian Union of Latvia” picketed the embassies of Kazakhstan and Russia in Riga with a demand to create an interstate commission on human rights, as written in the agreement between the countries. Ermek Taychibekov stands for friendship between Kazakhs, Russians and other peoples of Kazakhstan, the public figure noted Sergey Mulivanov… “Two Russians, a Bulgarian, a Tatar and a Mongol, took part in the picketing in Riga – a complete international,” said the prisoner’s brother Marlene Taychibekov… The appeal to human rights defenders was posted on large public platforms in the USA, Canada, Germany, France, Britain, Poland.

The unjustified persecution of Taychibekov is already going sideways for the authorities of Kazakhstan. The global character of the campaign in his support brings the dissident on a par with the famous political prisoners of the post-war history of the world, many of whom later achieved the victory of their ideas. And if now Taichibekov’s hope for the reunification of Russia and Kazakhstan and wider – the unification of the post-Soviet space on the basis of Russian civilization looks like a dangerous heresy for the “upper circles”, after years the movement of the masses can turn it into the mainstream and then into reality.

It is enough to remember who spent 27 years in captivity Nelson Mandelawho defeated apartheid in South Africa, the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafatspeaking from the UN rostrum, Martin Luther Kingwho sought equality between blacks and whites in the United States. We are talking about great humanists. It is not for nothing that at a certain stage their struggle was recognized by the global community at the highest level and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Subsequently, they became the political leaders of their peoples, right up to the highest posts. Who knows, maybe Ermek will one day expect the Nobel Prize?

The cessation of interethnic strife provoked by all sorts of “Kutami Akhmetovs”, supporters of “language patrols” directed against the Russians, is dear in the era of war of all against all. Ermek consistently achieves interethnic peace with his struggle. While the recent fact of awarding the prize to a Russian opposition journalist Dmitry Muratov shows that the Nobel Committee is far from prejudice and is ready to go against the official authorities. Whether in Moscow or Nur-Sultan.

– Ermek conducted a kind of opinion polls, asked local residents about their attitude towards Russia and the EAEU, – says his brother Marlen Taychibekov. – He came to a bazaar or a bath complex and started a conversation on general topics, and then carefully narrowed the topic of conversation to politics, the Eurasian Union and the possibility of Kazakhstan joining Russia. According to him, all Kazakhstanis on the streets, in public places, unconditionally support this idea, they say that together we are strong and can freely move through the common space. There will be one currency and no barriers and a conversation like “come in large numbers here.”

The likelihood of awarding Ermek Taychibekov the Nobel Peace Prize was assessed by political scientist Andrey Milyuk

– Right now, this idea seems unrealistic. The Nobel Prize is extremely politicized, and in order for a nominee to be nominated and achieve victory, he must have some powerful force behind his back that will negotiate with the right people, and sometimes openly “push” his candidate.

At the moment, the interests of several players at once converge in Kazakhstan: Russia, Turkey, the West and China. Alas, Taichibekov is not an acceptable public figure for any of them. Even at the level of his recognition as a political prisoner. China prefers to negotiate directly with the political elites of the countries in which it invests – for it, the human rights topic simply does not exist. Turkey and the West are promoting their projects hostile to the idea of ​​the Russian World, of which Taichibekov is undoubtedly a supporter. Russia takes a wait-and-see attitude – “no matter what happens,” but in fact is slowly surrendering the remnants of its influence to other external forces.

“SP”: Everything is changing …

– Let’s say that in the future in our country there will be a change in the political elite and, conditionally, “people from the street” will come to power – politicians who have nothing to do with the current inhabitants of the Kremlin. First of all, they will begin to pursue a more energetic foreign policy, look for new opportunities, try to achieve some small, but symbolically significant victories. In order to then begin to form a corps of their supporters, “friends of Russia” in the post-Soviet space, who have nothing to do with the political elites of their countries, like they themselves in the recent past.

“SP”: A sort of new International?

– Ermek Taychibekov in this respect turns out to be a very convenient figure: an ethnic Kazakh, but at the same time a supporter of the Russian world, educated and intelligent. An example to the rest: Russia needs such friends, and Russia will not abandon them in trouble. If there was political will, the issue of his release by the Kazakh authorities could have been resolved in just a week.

Well, further in the struggle for Kazakhstan, the strangest situational alliances are possible. The examples of Syria, Libya and Yemen are proof of this. If NATO allies are already waging proxy wars among themselves, why not imagine how in the near future the Western human rights community proclaims Taychibekov the face of the “westernization” of Kazakhstan? After all, the future of this country, with some stretch, can also be viewed as a path towards Western civilization, but on its own, unique path.

Many opportunities are open in the not too distant future, if only the Kremlin has the necessary political will and determination.

In the meantime, Ermek Taychibekov continues to fight for the cancellation of the sentence. About this “SP” told him attorney Galym Nurpeisov

– The appeal session was held without Yermek’s participation, since the prosecution did not ask for a toughening of the sentence. I think this is a violation of Ermek’s right to defense. He was also an “appellant” and prepared a 60-page complaint, but it was not read out. The defense demanded that the sentence be canceled.

In my complaint, I noted that you cannot be judged for opinion. This is the worst thing that happens in Kazakhstan. By the criminal case of Ermek, the authorities violated the right of all our citizens to freedom of expression. This is a demonstrative execution.

It is also a perversion that a criminal case under Yermek’s article should be initiated only at the request of a representative of the offended group of persons, but this was not the case. Otherwise, the victim is the state, and if so, then this is a sign of the persecution of Ermek for his beliefs.

Lawyer Oksana Buryak gave an example Kuat Akhmetova, who discriminated against Russians on the basis of language and announced the creation on the basis of “language patrols” of an organization like the “Right Sector” *. Ermek did not offend anyone, but expressed his opinion. This case is an indicator of legality for the protection of people belonging to the Russian world.

We will definitely prepare a cassation appeal. Although we understand that it will most likely be rejected. But we must go through all the stages (in Kazakhstan there is a three-tier system, cassation is the last instance). After that, we will send a complaint to the UN Human Rights Committee.

“SP”: – Yermek will await the appeal in the pre-trial detention center or is he already being transported to the camp?

– Two more criminal cases have been initiated against him. One is in Pavlodar, which is a thousand kilometers away, the other – about an insult to Nazarbayev, is being conducted by the National Security Committee (heir to the KGB – Auth.) Here, in Almaty. According to the first, he faces 2-3 years, according to the second, also a couple of years. This means they will be added to the existing deadline. It will turn out to be up to 12 years in prison.

“SP”: They make modern Nelson Mandela out of Ermek. His business has already acquired an international, global character …

– We handed over the materials of the case to human rights defenders of the Russian Federation to show the degradation of the judicial system in Kazakhstan. Political and public figures of Russia, human rights activists in the Baltic States, Europe and Israel are aware of the Ermek case. An illegal court decision damages Kazakhstan’s reputation every day. We count very much on the support of the healthy forces in Russia. Because it is the judiciary that has today shown the true attitude towards the Russian world in Kazakhstan. We talk about friendship, but the reality is visible from the verdict of Ermek.

* On November 17, 2014, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation recognized the extremist activities of the “Ukrainian Insurgent Army”, “Right Sector”, UNA-UNSO, “Tryzub im. Stepan Bandera “and the Brotherhood organization. Their activity on the territory of Russia is prohibited.

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