Aug 2, 2022
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Will “soft power” help in our military operation in Ukraine?


Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov/TASS

We live in truly biblical times. Russia was dragged into a serious military operation against its geopolitical neighbor. The sublimation of hatred goes on every day.

The Centers for Information and Psychological Operations Abroad (CIPSO), which feed the military operations, simply gush with bloody ideas – and one is more terrible than the other. “Doctor Evil” Goebbels he just rolls over in his grave with envy from such cannibalistic creativity.

It was with the approval of the CIPSO that the quarters of Donetsk were shelled for many years. Hundreds of child deaths on the Alley of Angels are the work of their hands. The downed Malaysian Boeing is also the result of “bloody creativity”. The goal was quite a Jesuit – first we will shoot down the plane, and then we will blame Russia for everything.

A new explosion of “creativity of the Jesuits” occurred among the “cypsoids” from the very first days of the special operation. The execution on camera of the Russian military, the completely fake incident in Bucha, the attack on the prison where the captured Azov people were kept (the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation recognized the Azov regiment as a terrorist organization on 02.08.22, the organization’s activities on the territory of the Russian Federation are prohibited), which finally began to testify.

Former commander of “Azov” * Andrey Biletsky sort of swore to conduct an independent investigation and get out of the ground the initiators of this missile attack.

Will it get it? Not sure.

Here, in fact, there is no need to conduct any investigation. In any crime, you need to look for someone who benefits from it.

It is unprofitable for the Russian side. From the word “absolutely”. She needs alive and healthy prisoners for the upcoming Nuremberg trials against “Dr. Evil”. “Azovites” at the trial could give truly invaluable evidence. That is why they were removed – as witnesses of Evil.

Do Biletsky and other Nazis understand this? I think yes. As well as the fact that they are disposed of immediately if they open their mouths too wide. But they could not remain silent either. Therefore, they made a statement and took a long pause. Like, there is a thorough “independent investigation”.

It will either end in poof, or fade against the background of another, even more terrible and bloody crime. And it’s not far off. And the script has already been written.

Do people in Russia understand who generates all these horrors?

The vast majority of the population, yes. In Russia, millions of people watch “Iron Logic”, “Besogon”, listen to Markova, Mikheev, Solovyov, Mikhalkov. And in general, our people are advanced and not obsessed with hatred of their neighbors. Everyone here understands perfectly well what kind of “Dr. Evil” writes scripts and directs the Ukrainian “nightmare schedule”.

But do they understand this in Ukraine? Not sure. The servility of the Ukrainian elite to the West is too great, the faith of millions of Ukrainians in its omnipotence and civilizational beginning is too blind.

At one time, at the height of both Chechen campaigns, the same TsIPSO actively worked in Chechnya. All these terrorist attacks and hostage-taking in Budyonnovsk, Dubrovka, Beslan are the products of their diabolical intellect. The “Cipsoids” also financed these attacks. And they had bloody performers – Shamil Basaev, Salman Raduev and others.

But then it was easier for us. It was our land, our country, our territory. And the Chechens did not have such admiration for the West. Before his money – yes, but before the West itself – no. And – the fundamental point – the “cypsoids” could not instill mass Russophobia in the Chechens. But with the Ukrainians they succeeded. They made Russophobia in Ukraine a national idea and a new religion rolled into one.

And what should we do to open the eyes of millions of people abroad to the essence and meaning of what is happening in Ukraine?

Create your own CIPSO. Is there a base for it? There is.

And it is called Rossotrudnichestvo. “Russian House” abroad.

Concept change

Rossotrudnichestvo has been promoting “soft power” under the roof of the Foreign Ministry for many years. How successful is a difficult question. And has no answer. Unfortunately, this was predetermined by the initial confusion in terms.

The Foreign Ministry has not figured out the very term “soft power”. Why is power necessary? What does she need to show? And why “soft”? I mean, kind, right? That is, “I will hit hard, but gently”? But kindness and strength are somehow weakly corrected in the minds of the layman. Or is it kindness that should be with fists?

This is a classic example of the fact that one cannot mindlessly copy foreign semantic attitudes. By the way, in Asian countries, this term causes acute irritation. We don’t care how you plan to bend us – gently or rudely, say the Asians. – The main thing is that you are going to bend us by force …

This conceptual confusion of the concept itself, which has not been resolved so far, has become one of the reasons that the agency has been shaking and in a fever for many years. The leadership here changed regularly. “Everyone flashed in the soft power, everyone has been here,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs jokes about a sponsored agency. When management does not really know what it should do, it is difficult to expect effective work from it.

Outdated was (and remains) the very concept of the work of the agency’s centers abroad. Formally, they are called RCSC – Russian Centers of Science and Culture. Of course, there is no smell of any science there (the most advanced scientific developments go to the defense industry under the heading “top secret”). The export of cultural values ​​in our tectonic time is also dying – the times of the famous Parisian “Diaghilev seasons” and the planetary tour of the ensemble Igor Moiseev have sunk into oblivion.

In the 21st century, information plays a key role in the life of society. And numerous agency centers could become its guides. It would be correct to call them information and cultural centers. I would even say – information and propaganda. Centers and conductors of the ideas of our Russian CIPSO. And do not be ashamed of the word “propaganda”. You just need to fill it with new meaning. For slandering Russia is the main policy of many states and foreign media “attached” to the authorities.

Therefore, it is desirable that these centers employ people who are well aware of the rules of the information war and are able to form the agenda we need. Perhaps these will be graduates of journalism and philology departments.

And it is no coincidence that the head of the press service of the agency Friedrichson joined the military correspondents and left for the Donbass. She intuitively felt that she was more needed here.

But this is not enough. We already have enough military men. But there are few creatives who are able to form the agenda we need and promote it to the masses. And here the talents of Friedrichson would be more useful.

The information machine of the Western TsIPSO is already working out a strike on Yelenovka to its fullest – in a favorable light for itself.

We work it out only inside Russia. Abroad, perhaps, “Rusia Today” is doing something. But, firstly, her efforts are critically small. Secondly, the work of the studio in the West has learned to skillfully block. Thirdly, the television audience is now clearly not enough to promote their ideas.

And Rossotrudnichestvo could become both our CIPSO and an instrument of propaganda and counter-propaganda. What it, in fact, did abroad during the Second World War – then still in the status of the All-Union Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (VOKS).

The time of “string-balalaika” diplomacy is over. And soft power in Russia (which no one really understood) has become obsolete. The birth was difficult, but the baby was never born.

And times have changed. We are now living in a very difficult time. And the slogan “Everything for the front, everything for victory” should become relevant for the Foreign Ministry and all its subsidiaries. It’s time to move off the rails of “soft power” on the path of information-psychological warfare.

By the way, myself Lavrov already did it. The queue is for the rest.

* Images of chevrons of the Azov Battalion, recognized as extremist by the decision of the Frunzensky District Court of Vladimir 11/30/2015 and included in the Federal List of Extremist Materials under item 3269.

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