May 3, 2021
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Will Smith showed “worst shape” in his life

American actor, musician and two-time Oscar-nominee Will Smith amused his sighs by publishing a picture of him standing in a clearing in only shorts and an unbuttoned sports jacket.

Will Smith showed

On his Instagram page, movie star Will Smith posted a photo of him standing in a clearing in shorts and a sports jacket.

The artist has a contented and even somewhat exalted snout, but Smith complained about his own external appearance.

“I’ll be blameless – I’m in the nastiest figure in my life,” Will waved the photo.

Fans disagreed with the celebrity. Many made fun of Smith, but most of his followers agreed that the 52-year-old actor was in an important figure for his age.

“You are Will Smith! You can be in any form,” said his sighters.

One commenter called Will’s post the most amazing post in social media history.

“Let me be blameless with you: you are 52 years old. And you look great, ”another fan wrote.

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