Oct 7, 2021
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“Will remain in the next five nights”: forecasters told about frosts in Moscow

The first frosts in the fall of this year were recorded in Moscow. According to weather forecasters, the night cold snap in the city will continue for the next five nights. At the same time, according to experts, during the day, including on weekends, the residents of the capital will enjoy comfortable sunny weather.

In Moscow, the first frosts were recorded in the fall of this year. As the head of the Meteo forecast center, Alexander Shuvalov, told RT, a cold snap in the city will continue for the next five days.

“There were first frosts within the city limits and in the next five nights these frosts will be present in certain districts of Moscow. The only exception will be the city center. Near the Kremlin, the temperature will be +2 … + 4˚C, ”he said.

According to the forecaster, the anticyclone operating in the city is gradually losing its strength. Daytime weather in the capital in the near future, according to the forecaster, will be good.

“For five days the weather will be good with a large and very bright pronounced daily variation. That is, with weak negative values ​​at night and a good plus during the day. +10 … + 12˚С, today in some places and + 14˚С “, – said Shuvalov.

Leading employee of the Phobos weather center, Evgeny Tishkovets, said in his Instagram that on October 7, at the base metropolitan weather station VDNKh, the minimum thermometer showed -0.2˚С at 06:00 Moscow time.

“These are the first frosts of this fall. In the suburbs of Moscow, it was coldest in the south, in Serebryanye Prudy, where the air cooled to -5.2˚С. The next 4 nights in Moscow in low-cloud anticyclonic weather are also expected with a slight minus, ”the specialist confirmed.

In turn, the chief specialist of the Moscow meteorological office, Tatyana Pozdnyakova, told RT that “wonderful weather” awaits the residents of the capital in the daytime this coming weekend.

“At night there will be light cloudiness, on Sunday afternoon there will be slightly more clouds than slightly cloudy weather. The prevailing temperature at night is 0 … + 2˚С, in some places up to -3˚С degrees. The daytime temperature on Saturday is +11 … + 13˚C degrees, on Sunday it is a degree lower, because there will be more clouds, ”she said.

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Pozdnyakova added that the weather in the capital will be sunny, “comfortable, close to the climatic norm”, with a weak westerly wind.

Meanwhile, the Phobos weather center also reported that the capital on Thursday set an atmospheric pressure record for October 7. The indicator at the VDNKh meteorological station reached 769.6 mm Hg. Art. The previous record for this day was recorded in 2014 and amounted to 767.2 mm Hg. Art.

The center admitted that the record series will continue on Friday.

“Nevertheless, the peak of atmospheric pressure has already passed this morning, the barometer readings will fall every day and they will return to their climatic channel by the middle of next week, when the stormy influence of the cyclone and the associated frontal system will affect,” the message says.

Weather in Central Russia

Anatoly Tsygankov, Deputy Head of the Situation Center of Roshydromet, noted that in early October a high pressure area was established over the European part of Russia – “a very extensive anticyclone”, the center of which is in the region of Kazakhstan, between Ulyanovsk and Kazan.

“A huge mass of high pressure. Little moisture, transparent air, no precipitation. At the same time, there is a cloudy cyclone with precipitation in the Taimyr region, ”he said.

According to the specialist, this cyclone “pumps” the northern polar air from Yakutia towards Baikal, Kazakhstan, the south of the Urals and to Moscow.

“If you look at the night temperature, then we had sub-zero temperatures in Magadan down to -15˚С. South of Siberia up to -6˚С. Samara region up to -6˚С and in our Moscow region at some stations it was -4.9˚С. But the sun is dry during the day. Due to the sun, we get quite a comfortable temperature, ”he concluded.

snowy winter

In early October, the specialists of the Phobos center noted that in 2021 a significant increase in the amount of precipitation is possible in most of the territory of Russia.

The center clarified that this year the process of ice melting has stopped in the Arctic, and some meteorologists predict a severe and snowy winter in the Northern Hemisphere. In some Russian regions – Chukotka, Yamal, Taimyr, Southern Urals – blizzards and snowfalls have already been recorded.

According to forecasters, the preservation of significant ice masses in the Arctic will have a significant impact on the weather throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

“In such a situation, the circumpolar vortex that forms in the free atmosphere above the pole will be more powerful. As a result, the Arctic jet stream will be pushed further to the southern latitudes, ”the center said.

This phenomenon will lead to a displacement of cyclones near the surface of the earth, which will provoke an increase in the number of incursions from the Arctic Ocean, as well as an increase in the west-east transfer of air masses, experts said.

“As a result, most of the country will have more precipitation than usual. The most significant anomalies will be observed in southern Russia, in the upper reaches of the Ob, Yenisei, the Baikal region, as well as in the north of the Far East. In Moscow, the height of snowdrifts can be almost a quarter higher than the norm, ”forecasters predicted.

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