Jan 12, 2022
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Will Putin’s landing party restore the Soviet Union?

Will Putin's landing party restore the Soviet Union?

Photo: Valery Sharifulin / TASS

Anthony Blinken from the “Washington Regional Committee”, who is also the US Secretary of State, was one of the first to remember that we had entered the year of the centenary of the formation of the USSR. According to the head of the US Foreign Office, which he shared with CNN, Vladimir Putin intends to return to the state of affairs that existed under the Soviet Union. And for America, this is unacceptable.

What is “Soviet Union” in the understanding of the head of American diplomacy? This is the restoration of Russia’s sphere of influence over the post-Soviet countries. And this is not the first time that such a recovery has been spoken about in the United States. At the very end of last year, Blinken’s deputy Victoria Nuland has already declared its desire to recreate the Soviet Union around Russia. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov tired of complaining: this, they say, is impossible and “Nuland herself understands this.” But does he understand? Or does he really think so?

Pavel Podlesny, Ph.D. in History, Head of the Center for Russian-American Relations at the Institute of the USA and Canada, RAS believes that it is impossible to revive the Soviet Union in its former form:

– And it is not necessary. Russia is not able to do this now – the task is too heavy. It is impossible to restore what collapsed by historical standards recently, thirty years ago. Another thing is that it is necessary to strengthen Russia’s presence in the post-Soviet space, to strengthen its position – this is normal. Anthony Blinken may understand this, but he scares the Americans and their allies with the Russian threat, as it was once the Soviet one.

“SP”: – It seems that both the Secretary of State and his military deputy – they themselves know very well that it is impossible to revive the USSR with the forces of Russia alone, but they continue to lie.

– Not all lie. Someone understands, but someone really thinks so. Perhaps Victoria Nuland is actually afraid of the imminent revival of the USSR. And Blinken and Nuland are creatures Joseph Biden and supporters of tough pressure on Moscow. Victoria, still under the president Bill clintonworking at the US Embassy in Moscow, she said: “We will not allow, will restore the Soviet Union!” And this line continues. What they did not ascribe to Vladimir Putin, an attempt to revive the USSR is one of the accusations on duty.

The horror story works flawlessly on America’s allies and the public. But we must also not forget about irritation: America, after all, cannot bang its fist on the table as before – it cannot do anything. The fact remains that something has changed in international affairs, in the post-Soviet space, and the United States does not like these changes very much.

It was hardly possible to imagine what happened in Kazakhstan and our quick unambiguous reaction to it. And most importantly, without any participation of the United States in this. But the same thing happened earlier in Transcaucasia.

And it can happen in Ukraine. If Russia really comes to the conclusion that it has no other choice but to resolve the issue by military means. In this case, the Americans, no matter what they shout, will not be able to interfere early. It’s another matter that this is not part of our plans, unless there will be a military provocation from Ukraine. This will mean the end of Ukrainian statehood, and hearing such a thing is very unpleasant for either the Americans or NATO members.

The events of recent years show that some countries are not able to resolve some issues without Russia. Here, it would seem, Kazakhstan is a strong, economically developed country. But it turned out that the previous leadership did not succeed in building a national state in thirty years. And where did Russia look and why did we rush about Nazarbayev Is a big question.

Unfortunately, there are more and more hot spots in the post-Soviet space. Russia will have a very difficult time. There are many things to do, but our capabilities and resources are not unlimited …

Leading Expert of the Center for Military-Political Research, MGIMO Mikhail Alexandrov believes that Anthony Blinken sometimes speaks:

“Some things he shouldn’t have said at all. For example, “Russians come and don’t go” – after all, the same can be said about the United States itself. As for the “revival of the USSR”, it would not hurt to ask: do Russia itself want this revival? To answer this question, you just need to know our sentiments about migrants from Central Asia and Transcaucasia. Then you will understand what the Russian people really think about this. And Putin will not do anything against the will of the people. Except … raising the retirement age, but this is a special issue.

Putin wants to reunite the Russians scattered in different territories, and he is right. And this means that the unification of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine must take place – in one form or another. The West wants to keep the Russians in a divided state and destroy them piece by piece. This is the long-term strategic plan of our enemies in the West, which they have been nursing for centuries.

Blinken does not call a spade a spade, does not directly declare: “We want to destroy the Russians in parts,” he says in disguise, invents some kind of fantastic restoration of the Soviet Union by Putin. Thus, the question is blurred. Say, the Americans are on the right side of history.

“SP”: – In other countries of the post-Soviet space, they cannot unexpectedly “raise the price of gas”, as happened in Kazakhstan? And as a result, the CSTO will again have to react.

– In Azerbaijan, this can happen without any “gas price”. There, too, one day the question of the continuity of power will arise. The president Aliev is not eternal, although, of course, it rules for some time – this is not a question of today or tomorrow. This country is surrounded in such a way that a serious penetration of Islamic militants is hardly possible in the near future. The emergence of some new state structure is theoretically possible, but even Karabakh has not yet led to a serious cataclysm, and this is unlikely to happen in the future.

In Turkmenistan, the situation may be worse, because Afghanistan is nearby and Turkmen from a neighboring country may be associated with international terrorist organizations. The elite there, mostly officials.

In Kyrgyzstan, there were regular street protests of this kind, we are already used to the news from there. As a rule, the situation is gradually stabilizing.

As for Armenia, there are always some political upheavals. But this is a mono-national country, no matter who comes, he will still unite the state.

In Georgia, the main national enclaves have seceded. There are regions inhabited by Azerbaijanis or Armenians (Javakheti). Further disintegration is not threatened. A change of power is possible, but this does not really bother us, any new leader will still be a Russophobe.

“SP”: – Are local elites in the vastness of the former Soviet Union able to retain power in their hands or do they keep business jets close at hand so that in case of something they can fly away, as happened in Kazakhstan?

– There is no general picture. Turkmens can request both our help and Iran’s. As for Tajikistan, our military base is already located there, which is a stabilizing factor. President’s term Rakhmona It cannot be eternal, and the transit of power can bring serious complications.

Uzbekistan is quite firmly on its feet; during the events in Andijan, they showed that they are capable of retaining power.

The West is constantly creating some kind of problems in Moldova. Provocations against Transnistria are possible. But this is the usual strategy of our opponents in this region. In this case, we must be ready, have a plan of action, including military-technical.

“SP”: – At least not there, so some events are possible here and then the American hurdy-gurdy will play the usual penalty “about the revival of the USSR”?

– Let them say what they want. We need to pay less attention to this chatter and say ourselves what we need. Do not make excuses, as our Foreign Ministry does about various nonsense, but says everything we think about them, without any connection with their statements.

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