Sep 13, 2021
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Will Prague give Kiev a Russian romantic with an Italian surname?

Will Prague give Kiev a Russian romantic with an Italian surname?

Photo: Christoph Christophe / CTK / Global Look Press

When a Russian Alexandra Franzetti on Sunday, September 12, the Czech police detained at the Prague airport, he might not remember that the Czech Republic is on the short list of countries unfriendly to Russia, compiled by the Russian Foreign Ministry some time ago. Consider the second home for him: he lived there for twenty years, is married to a Czech woman. Probably, Franchetti was sure that the kind peaceful Czechs were far from big politics.

But seven years ago, in the spring of 2014, Alexander, a native of the Voronezh region, although a resident of the Czech Republic, at the call of his heart, went to Crimea in order to personally take part in very important events for his Motherland. Deed – equal in value to a trip to the Crimea count Lev Tolstoy, a volunteer artilleryman. And for the fact that Alexander acted according to his conscience, the police seized him for deportation to Ukraine at the request of this country. This was reported to RIA Novosti with reference to a lawyer, head of the working group on international legal issues at the permanent representation of the Republic of Crimea under the president Alexandra Molokhova

Czech Police Confirmed Detention, Press Secretary of Czech Police Presidium Ondřej Morawczyk said that yes, he was detained, yes, on the basis of a warrant, yes, he would be expelled. Perhaps – to certain death, as it happened in the capital of Ukraine with the writer Oles Buzina and politician Oleg Kalashnikov… But this does not concern the good Czechs, just as the Europeans did not concern during the Second World Nazi concentration camps.

Political scientist, member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation Bogdan Bezpalko believes that the Russian Foreign Ministry should immediately get into the matter:

– If a person with a Russian passport does not satisfy the Czech authorities in some way, then he can be sent home, and not transferred to a third country. The fact that the name of Alexander Franchetti appears on the inflammatory website “Peacemaker” is not yet a reason for his arrest and deportation to Ukraine. This requires a request to Interpol. If the Czech Republic refuses to immediately release this brave person who is not indifferent to the fate of his Motherland, then our law enforcement agencies should very carefully monitor the behavior of Czech citizens. Otherwise, we often turn a blind eye to what our European guests from “civilized” countries are doing. As they do to us, so we will be with them. In case of revealed violations, it is necessary to detain, and then – to agree on the exchange …

Alexander Franchetti is by no means an organizer, but just one of the many participants in the Crimean Spring events. The peninsula became part of Russia due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of its inhabitants were in favor of returning. The rest of the Russians think about it in the same way, but not all of us got together and went to help. He went.

Head of LLC “Vashe Pravo” Radik Bakhteev believes that since Alexander Franchetti was living in Crimea at that moment, he defended himself and his neighbors:

– As you know, he actively participated in the “Self-Defense of Crimea” movement, consisting of volunteers who are ready to stand up for themselves. The movement, to put it mildly, did not support the “revolution” that took place in Kiev and advocated the reunification of Crimea with Russia. Now in Ukraine, volunteers like Franchetti are portrayed as “bandits or Russian mercenaries” who seized the moment to “get hold of power.” These are all lies. This is evidenced at least by the fate of Alexander, who does not need any power, he works as a modest fitness trainer.

And in fact, the “Self-defense of Crimea” did not have a single unit of firearms. And they were not going to prove their truth to anyone with their fists. The task of the movement was different, in the peaceful resolution of the situation.

“SP”: – But why did a person who knows that there may be claims against him from Ukraine, went abroad?

– Alexander Franchetti feels at home in the Czech Republic: he is married to a citizen of this country, so he has absolutely legally obtained a residence permit. Apparently, it is no coincidence that Franchetti, who lives in the Czech Republic, ended up in the hands of the security forces. The fact is that relations between Moscow and Prague have been in decline in recent months, which in turn almost reached the point of a complete rupture of diplomatic relations. In May, the Czech Republic blamed Russia for the 2014 warehouse bombings. Now Prague is demanding from Moscow about $ 47 million in compensation. Russia does not admit its guilt in the incident. As a result, the countries reduced the composition of their embassies to a minimum. And now Prague is making a new “friendly” gesture, drawing the citizens of the Russian Federation into proceedings at the state level.

Franchetti has only one citizenship – Russia. In the Czech Republic, a residence permit since the 2000s. Imagine what kind of savagery it turns out, the Czechs extradite a Russian person to Ukraine upon a request for the annexation of Crimea. Franchetti has neither Czech nor Ukrainian passports. It is nevertheless necessary for our Foreign Ministry to actively intervene in this situation and point out that the Czech Republic has no grounds to detain a citizen of the Russian Federation at the request of Ukraine …

The Czech Republic clearly justifies its inclusion in the list of countries unfriendly to Russia, currying favor with the Ukrainian neo-Nazis, according to the lawyer Molokhov and many in this world. During the events of 2014, Alexander defended Sevastopol from the penetration of terrorists. He did it openly, without hiding from anyone. An official organization was registered.

And because of this, they are now being held under escort and are already preparing to hand him over, if they have not already been handed over to Ukraine. Sometimes the issuance process is delayed for months, as it will be difficult to guess this time. Perhaps they will pass it on within a few days.

And all because Alexander Stanislavovich, together with other caring people, defended the Crimean energy infrastructure from possible sabotage by Ukraine. They guarded gas pipelines, power lines, made sure that the Ukrainian security forces did not penetrate the city of Russian glory, Sevastopol. Surely, they somehow coordinated their actions with the Russian Navy, because they were unarmed, and opposed an enemy armed with not good intentions. They called themselves “North Wind”.

Franchetti never hid his activities, he himself told Czech radio how he went to Crimea, what he did there. The likelihood of terrorist attacks by the special services of Ukraine was very high, as it still exists. During a month of work, their group discovered almost a kilogram of explosives, thousands of barrels. Once they detained the malefactors who were plotting terrorist attacks. Alexander himself did not commit any illegal actions. He still visits the peninsula. In 2015, he was awarded the medal “For the Return of Crimea”. Alexander worked as an assistant to a local deputy of the city legislative assembly of Sevastopol Olga Khomyakova

Sean Betrozov, lawyer, explains that the International Arrest Warrant (EAW) is recognized by all EU member states:

– This legal mechanism allows the Czech Republic to extradite Alexander Franchetti within 10 days from the moment of detention.

The civic position chosen by Franchetti is, in fact, politically unacceptable in Ukraine, such a position is prosecuted under the law of this country and is equated with terrorist activity. If Franchetti is extradited to Kiev, he could be charged with terrorism, for which he could face life in prison. Given the hostile policy towards Russians, such punishment is tantamount to execution. But under the terms of international extradition law, it is not allowed to extradite persons accused of political crimes …

Yes, according to the Ukrainian side, Franchetti “Became a member of the formation” Defense of Sevastopol ““Organized a reconnaissance group” North Wind “, engaged in the terror of the pro-Ukrainian population of the city”… So the arrest warrant for the alleged terrorist activities of the activist was issued three years ago. This is nothing more than revenge for the Crimean Spring, the Russian lawyer said.

Everything that happens is detention for political reasons for civil position, Alexander is a real prisoner of conscience. In Ukraine, they are taking revenge for the loss of territory. It is necessary to somehow help Alexander Franchetti, and this requires well-coordinated work. There is a search for a good lawyer for Alexander from among the people who are members of the international association of Russian-speaking lawyers, but there is very little time.

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