Dec 31, 2020
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Will pickle help with a hangover?

There are quite a few ways to treat a hangover; both medicinal options and folk remedies are used. One of the most popular is brine. But many do not even think about whether it really helps or whether it is better to give preference to other products. Doctors have their own opinion on this issue.

Pickle is the simplest drink you can get. It is formed as a result of the fermentation or salting of vegetables. Due to fermentation in water, lactic and natural acetic acids are formed. It is also believed that this infusion contains a large amount of vitamins and microelements – potassium and magnesium ions, – enriched with vitamin C and essential oils. Also, among the pluses is the dill present in it, which helps to cope with cramps and contributes to a better functioning of the stomach and intestines.

Many do not pour this liquid even when they take out all the vegetables from it during the preparation of a salad, because brine is traditionally used as a hangover remedy. Its effect is explained simply. Against the background of taking a large amount of alcohol, dehydration and disruptions in the water-salt balance occur. Salty liquid perfectly saturates a person, replenishes just this balance of salts. Due to vasoconstriction and tissue edema, the body experiences water starvation. But at the same time, ordinary water will not be effective, since it lowers the pressure.

It would seem that against this background, the brine becomes a real panacea. But doctors say that he can often harm rather than provide real help.

“As for the brine, which many people use as a means to restore health after alcohol abuse, it’s not so simple. It should be understood that after drinking, blood pressure may rise, and the brine here will turn out to be not medicinal, but dangerous, ”notes therapist, endocrinologist and cardiologist Tatiana Romanenko

It is no secret that salty foods are contraindicated for various heart problems and arterial hypertension. After all, salt, although it does not directly affect the pressure, still becomes the cause of fluid retention in the body (and it is already accumulated in the tissues against the background of alcohol intake), puffiness develops and, as a result, a pressure surge. So pickle can aggravate your condition.

Alternative options

Doctors say: not everything is so sad. There are also quite adequate substitutions from the same food products that will improve your health after a feast. “You should choose pickled apples, dairy products, such as kefir or ayran. They can become a tangible help, ”says Tatiana Romanenko.

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