Dec 31, 2020
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“Will open” House 3 “: Andrei Malakhov spoke about the closure of the show” House 2 “

Despite the fact that the management of Gazprom-Media named the reason for the closure of the TV project, for many this fact remains doubtful. Andrei Malakhov holds the same view.

TV presenter Andrei Malakhov became the newly-made guests on the YouTube show “Alena, Damn!” In the tary-bar-rasta-bar, they talked about “House 2”, the talk about the closure of which has not ceased for more than two weeks.

Malakhov formulated doubts about the fact that the channel’s management would abandon the profitable project, and the presenter was confident that “House 2” showed high ratings. Andrey suggested that after the show was closed, they would reformat it into “House 3”.

Earlier, the general director of Gazprom-Media, which owns TNT, named the reason for the decision to terminate the television project, which had been on the air for more than 15 years.

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