Aug 11, 2022
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Will North Korean troops appear in the steppes of Ukraine? Everything can be

The network is actively discussing the possibility of the participation of the North Korean military contingent in a special military operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine. This is already being written about not only in the blogosphere, but also in Russian and Western media. In addition, experts believe that the United States, with Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, slapped Comrade Xi Jinping personally.

Beijing cannot leave this unanswered. The large-scale military exercises that have begun to simulate an invasion of Taiwan are just the tip of the iceberg. It appears that China has included its loyal North Korean ward against Washington in the game. And the widely disseminated news about Korean troops in the steppes of Ukraine is quite possibly the beginning of a psychological operation by the PLA against the US Armed Forces. Bets are made.

First, telegram channels started talking about the likelihood of North Korea’s participation in a special military operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, referring to information received through diplomatic channels. However, no official statements have been made in this regard. The data used by the media and bloggers is taken from the statements of political scientists and sources of the telegram channels themselves. The size of the probable North Korean military contingent was also announced – 100 thousand bayonets.

I immediately remembered the statements: which came from more reliable sources about the possible participation in the NWO of volunteers from Africa and the Middle East on the side of Russia. Then even from the lips of the Russian Minister of War Sergei Shoigu there was information about the possible participation in the operation of 16 thousand Syrian volunteers. But now everyone has safely forgotten about it. And the wave of those statements somehow imperceptibly began to decline. It is believed that those information stuffing was done solely as a PR campaign. And yet, I think, there were such plans, but their implementation in Moscow was considered inexpedient. And now a new wave has risen, it is not yet clear that these are information stuffing or what can really happen.

By the way, Russia’s African and Syrian volunteers would have to be equipped and armed, as they say, from scratch. And the military contingent from the DPRK, if it arrives, then with its own equipment, weapons and ammunition. Versions are already being put forward that the Koreans can bring their long-range cannon and rocket artillery with them. In the society of military experts, they believe that gunners from the DPRK are unsurpassed masters of counter-battery combat. The North Korean troops are armed with multiple launch rocket systems with a range of up to 400 km. These are the KN-09 MLRS and, accordingly, the KN-25 missiles for them.

And yet, when they talked about the arrival of Syrian and African volunteers, the question was raised about the language compatibility of overseas soldiers with Russian ones. But now there is a clear advantage of the national volunteer battalions of Russians over purely Russian-speaking formations in that the Ukrainian soldiers do not understand the radio exchange, say: Tuvans, Buryats or Chechens in their language. And many telegram channels are already writing about this.

As for the contingent from the DPRK, the American press is already reporting on the possibility of sending it. In particular, information about this appeared on the pages of the New York Post. The Americans have no doubt that North Korean soldiers will soon appear on the battlefields in Ukraine. This opinion, of course, cannot be 100% trusted, but judging by the way the leader of the DPRK is rushing into a fight with America, some assumptions can be made. For example, there is already a lot of talk about the likelihood of the appearance in Ukraine of not only infantry or special forces, or artillery from the DPRK, but also tanks, and even aviation.

After recent events related to Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, it can also be assumed that under the guise of a North Korean military contingent, a Chinese one may also appear in Ukraine. Any army vitally needs fired troops with real combat practice. Beijing and Pyongyang may well take advantage of the current situation and give their military the opportunity to fight. Moreover, Russia, among other things, can provide both the DPRK and the PRC with its transport network both for the transfer of troops and for their comprehensive support during hostilities. There is no doubt that both these armies are clearly lacking in military practice, which the most close to combat exercises can never make up for. The last real combat experience in the armed struggle against the Yankees, the DPRK Armed Forces and the PLA refers to the Korean War of 1950-1953.

True, China managed to make war with Vietnam in 1979. But in that war for the PRC, the result was rather negative. At present, the PRC Armed Forces are completely different from what they were, say, 30 years ago. New weapons, equipment, tactics and operational art were tested only on maneuvers. It is safe to say that Beijing should be interested in participating in the NMD, and, among other things, because of the opportunity to fight against an army trained according to the American model and armed with American weapons. In addition, China has economic interests in Ukraine. China invested a lot in this country, both in the industrial and agricultural sectors during the Yanukovych years. What is one failed deal on the Motor Sich plant worth? Beijing has many claims both to the current Ukrainian leadership and to their Western curators, who did not allow serious investments to be made. Chinese business lost significant investments in the Ukrainian economy and money after the coup in Kyiv in 2014. By the way, Chinese military equipment was seen the day before near Rostov, not far from the border with the DPR. But, this fact was explained by the preparation for the International Army Games in 2022.

However, five years ago, Beijing declared its readiness to militarily support Russia in its mission in Syria. But then the Americans managed to dissuade the Chinese political leadership from such a radical step. The leadership of the CCP is pursuing a very cautious foreign policy and tries not to get involved in armed conflicts, even if they are beneficial to themselves. But now the matter is different – the United States has inflicted a very serious insult on China. As they say, wait and see. If the above information is reliable, then the appearance of North Korean, and maybe Chinese troops in Ukraine should be expected as early as late September-October.

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