Jul 30, 2022
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Will Nancy Pelosi be the ill-omened Cassandra?

The world continues to comment on the results of the telephone conversation between Joseph Biden and Xi Jinping. The news agencies cited Comrade Xi’s warning that the planned trip to rebellious Taiwan by US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s “number three” politician Nancy Pelosi could have very bad consequences. Her visit will be “a unique provocation and further erosion of the US One China policy, which has banned top US leaders from visiting Taiwan.”

In Beijing, such a visit is viewed as a demonstration of support for Taiwan’s “independence” policy. With which, as has been repeatedly stated in Beijing at a high level, the PRC will never agree. President Xi considered it necessary to directly warn Biden that the provocation might end badly for its organizers. The President of the People’s Republic of China recalled the Chinese saying that “he who plays with fire runs the risk of burning himself.”

And this is not another “last Chinese warning” of the 1950s, which was perceived in the world with irony, when a weak China could not back up its threats with actions. This is a warning about the danger of a move that will throw Taiwan into the fire.

According to official reports, during the telephone conversation, “the heads of the two states exchanged views on Sino-US relations and on issues of mutual interest.” Many media drew attention to the absence in the communique of the traditional indication that “negotiations were held in a constructive spirit.” And yet there is a constructive result of the conversation. It is that, faced with such a harsh reaction from Beijing, the Biden administration, as it claims The newspaper “New York Times, would have preferred Pelosi to cancel the trip. And here the maneuvering of the American administration looks awkward, where they say that the president allegedly cannot influence Pelosi’s decision. Liu Xiang, an American political scientist at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences under the CCP Central Committee, called “absurd” the assertion by the US authorities that the Speaker of the House of Representatives makes decisions on the visit independently of the White House. “The future of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan depends on the Biden administration,” Lu Xiang said. “I hope she will find an excuse not to visit the island, and ultimately it will depend on the decision of the President of the United States.”

Pelosi’s visit to Taipei would signal Washington’s official support for the island’s administration’s efforts to change the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. And, according to Lu Xiang, due to the difficult economic situation in the United States, the American authorities “will be more restrained in their statements regarding Sino-American relations.”

As noted in the Chinese media, more than 1.4 billion Chinese are determined to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Celestial Empire. “Chairman Xi warned Biden that the will of the people must not be violated, he who plays with fire will burn himself. He expressed hope that the American side understands this clearly. The Chinese leader urged Washington to adhere to the “one China” principle and the agreements of the three joint Chinese-American communiqués. In response, Biden assured that the US commitment to the “one China” principle has not changed and will not change, and Washington does not support the “independence” of Taiwan, the Chinese portal “Guancha” notes.

And here are some comments from readers of this portal on the Taiwan issue in support of the line of the PRC leadership (translated by InoSMI):

orange brother fan

Foreign media paid attention to only one phrase: “The will of the people must not be violated, he who plays with fire will burn himself.”

Shen Yi from Fudan

Key points:

1. There are two main trends in the world, one is change, the other is chaos;

2. China and the United States are responsible for playing a leading role in the world;

3. If you don’t know what to do and how to look at the world, China will teach you and tell you what not to do;

4. The Taiwan issue is clear and cannot be interpreted ambiguously. Don’t play with fire or you’ll get burned;

5. What you need to do is to keep in touch and strengthen relationships.

noble spirit

Pelosi’s visit is not a bargaining chip, and it cannot be some kind of trump card. This is the limit of our patience, and we have the power to respond.

old office

The truth is, as you say, that Americans greatly overestimate themselves. Previously, Americans did not know what fear was, but now they finally understand.


The US should get ready, not call us. The only way to communicate with them is with the help of fists.

Little Shanliya

It is very important to take a closer look at what President Xi said: “The will of the people must not be violated, he who plays with fire will burn himself.”

Weibo 1911

The Taiwan issue is China’s main concern. It has dragged on for more than 70 years, and it’s time to solve it. The problem of Taiwan is China’s weak point. Once it is resolved, China will take the lead and America’s good days will be over. If the US fails, can it continue to dominate the world? Will the hegemony of the dollar continue? Of course not. Let’s use Pelosi’s visit to the island to settle this issue once and for all!

Be careful what you say and what you hear

Doing everything in our power to maintain world peace does not mean that we will give up war for practical purposes. The US keeps forgetting this.

Taiwanese Qiu Yi

There were two important events last night: First, the leaders of China and the United States were talking on the phone and the atmosphere was very friendly. Second, Pelosi revealed the itinerary for her Asia-Pacific tour in August: it includes Japan, Indonesia and Singapore, but not Taiwan. Ha ha ha, freaked out. This means that at this stage the United States does not intend to sever relations with China.

Destroy the crowd

Xi still chose not to punch Biden in the face. Initially, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was a trump card created out of thin air by the Americans to put pressure on China. President Xi let them save face, but warned them that it would all be over if they visited. I still hope that they did not understand anything and continue to look for trouble. If Pelosi is determined to come next month, this, on the one hand, will show that the call [Байдена] did not have constructive results… but on the other hand, this will also mean that we can act on the principle of “not a carrot – so a whip.” We warned them, so don’t let them say later that we’re wrong.

Born to fight

Biden cannot control Pelosi at all, and if she wants to go, the president will not stop her. Strongly support Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan! Then we can play big. It will be more than just using the “salami tactic” and we will have enough reason to act, which means we will be right in the post-war negotiations. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will be hard to come by in the future, so it must be pursued.

Battle Fortress 2020

America says one thing and does another! China must give up its illusions and prepare to fight!

No talking

We invite the old witch to visit the bay, she will definitely be the first

hero of the reunification of our country.

Incomparable ASAHI

It’s better to land one hit to prevent a hundred!

Because of the heart

Whenever the United States needs to turn to China for help and needs it to compromise and give up its interests, it will use Taiwan to create an excuse to force us back to the negotiating table and trade real interests for a few empty promises. America. This is an obvious trend… In the future, more countries will be able to follow the example of the US to manipulate us over the issues of Taiwan, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and so on. We must stop this blackmail!

Photo: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

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