Apr 3, 2021
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Will a private forest appear in Russia?

Indeed, parliamentary hearings have recently taken place on the topic “Can a Russian forest be private?” “The discussion arose because of a government decree (issued at the end of 2020), which made an attempt to solve the problem of forests grown on agricultural land,” says Nikolay Nikolaev, head of the State Duma committee on natural resources, property and land relations. – Our agricultural land is mostly private. On some, the forest has already grown, on others it may grow in the future (the decree permits this). Where it leads? Towards the emergence of private forests in Russia? But we have natural resources – the property of the country. It cannot be otherwise. Most of the participants in the hearings expressed a categorical “no” to private forests. I share this position. Now the government is correcting the resolution that caused this precedent, and we are waiting for its new edition. ”

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