Jun 30, 2020
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Wife Malinin told how important it is to choose the right man

Emma Malinin has discovered the secret of his marriage live Instagram.

First of all, the wife of Alexander Malinin noted that the need to immediately choose a suitable man who is able to understand a woman and not try to change a loved one to suit your tastes.

Every woman, as told by the wife of Alexander, attracts your type. If a woman meets the right man, she is immediately understand, and change nothing, did not even think about. It is therefore important to choose your man. It happened with Malinin: their relationship was going well and the marriage is still solid even after 30 years.

Emma also noted the attractiveness of those women who are in harmony with each other. They have attractive appearance and rich inner world. So she is trying to raise his daughter Ustinya: beautiful externally and internally. With his son Frol, as noted by Emma V., is much simpler: you can give in the section and let loose. And with the world girls need to work.

Ustinja was previously interested in medicine, and parents worked through it in this direction, thinking that she will become a doctor. But now the daughter is going to go to College a musician, not impede: to interfere with the child, in their opinion, to ruin the future life. Therefore, they strongly support children's interests and their choice.

By the way, Emma Malinin has good relations with his son Alexander Nikita, but with her daughter Kira was unable to find a common language.

Angelina Sokolowski

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