Aug 12, 2022
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Wife Konstantin Ivlev spoke about plastic surgery


The chef’s wife Konstantin Ivlev answered frank questions.

The restaurateur surprised the public by going out with a young darling, to whom he left the family after a 23-year marriage. Soon the cook married a new passion, and last spring they had a daughter.

In April, the 48-year-old chef and his wife Valeria had a daughter, Nika. The spouses are overjoyed, and the young mother fully enjoys motherhood. At the same time, the couple leads the same active lifestyle: Konstantin is busy with culinary programs on TV and on the Web, his beloved accompanies him at public events, and also actively maintains a personal blog.

Konstantin Ivlev with his wife - photo from the archive -
Konstantin Ivlev with his wife – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

29-year-old Valeria is quite frank with her audience and often shares the details of her personal life. She recently asked followers what they would be interested to know about her, and received hundreds of messages. One of the fans asked if Ivleva did rhinoplasty, and received a positive response. “Yes“, Lera said shortly. Whether she resorted to plastic surgery of other parts of the body, the young mother did not admit.

However, the chef’s fans are worried about another question: did Valeria get along with his former family? It turned out that yes. Recently, the girl introduced Nika to her husband’s older children, and they were happy to spend time with their sister. “Nanny!” Ivleva admired.

But it is unlikely that she managed to establish contact with the first wife of Konstantin. Maria assured that the brunette took her husband away from the family. Upon learning of the affair of the faithful, she immediately filed for divorce. The cook in every possible way denies the claims of the former.

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