Oct 21, 2021
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Why Zelensky got ready to go to London

In negotiations with the British, the acting talent of the comedian president may not be enough

Reportedly, the reason for the upcoming visit of the Ukrainian president to Britain will be the handover to Ukraine of two sea minesweepers decommissioned from the British Navy.

As a result of his last year’s visit to Foggy Albion, it is also envisaged to jointly build missile boats for the Ukrainian Navy and two naval bases in the Black and Azov Seas. British training mission applies to Ukrainian sailors Orbital, which was extended until 2023 (previously, this program concerned only the ground forces).

The Ukrainian-British military cooperation is not limited to the Navy. In the past and this year, joint exercises took place in the Nikolaev region, in which up to 1000 British military personnel took part. Planes with paratroopers took off directly from Britain; for the British military, such a mass landing was the first in the last 10 years.

The legend of the exercises included battles in the city and even “hybrid” resistance of the local population to the aggressor.

In terms of Anglo-Ukrainian cooperation, one cannot but recall the British destroyer. Defender, which created a dangerous incident between the military of Russia and NATO near Sevastopol.

Great Britain is increasingly playing the role of the most “benevolent” ally of Kiev in the West (if you do not take into account the minor powers like Poland or the Baltic states). This also applies to the economy. UK Export Credit Assurance Department (UKEF) agreed on the allocation of £ 2.5bn (over € 2.7bn) for UK-Ukraine trade contracts. The money will be able to be used for investments in the spheres of security and defense, agriculture, infrastructure, energy, healthcare and the like. I don’t remember such “gifts” from the Americans or from the European Union.

The media controlled by Zelenskiy’s entourage vigorously dispersed the conclusion that the Ukrainian-British rapprochement was the result of the diplomatic successes of the president’s team. Recently, however, Zelensky has begun to receive unpleasant signals from London.

For six months now Hristo Grozev, the head of the odious Bellingcat (the flush tank of the Western intelligence services, arranged in London) nightmares Zelensky with very sensitive revelations, and on October 3, the British edition The keeper published the Pandora Dossier, prepared by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), which reports on the involvement of several world leaders in offshore schemes.

Ukraine, its president and his entourage are soloing in this dossier. According to the dossier, Vladimir Zelensky, as well as brothers Sergei and Boris Shefir, registered an offshore company, the trust owner of which was the head of the SBU, Ivan Bakanov. The offshores of the owners of Kvartal 95 were used to purchase three luxury apartments in London. Particular emphasis is placed in this dossier on the cooperation of Zelensky’s firms with Kolomoisky, up to participation in the money laundering scheme of PrivatBank.

The scandal was widely commented on in Ukraine and in the West in a tone that was extremely unfavorable for Zelensky. In other words, Zelensky is becoming, in the eyes of Western public opinion, just as corrupt as other Ukrainian politicians.


In the influential Anglo-Saxon media, several publications negatively assessing the situation in Ukraine and personally Zelensky appeared. The American Forbes urged Western businessmen to refrain from investing in Ukraine, which even under Zelenskiy remains “Saudi Arabia in the field of corruption” (meaning that Ukrainian corruption is comparable in importance to Saudi oil).

There are many complaints against Zelensky about the fact that the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (SAP) cannot start work, although after Zelensky’s meeting with Biden in August, the most specific point in their joint statement was the clause on the early appointment of a new head of the SAP. Despite this, on October 9, the decisive meeting of the commission for his selection did not take place due to the absence of three members controlled by the president’s office.

Investigative schemes

Immediately followed by a statement from the US Embassy: “The EU and the US are very disappointed by the incomprehensible and unjustified delays in the election of the head of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, the decisive body for the fight against corruption at a high level. We urge the selection committee to resume work without further delay. Stopping the selection process undermines the work of anti-corruption bodies established by Ukraine and its international partners “

In general, there are many complaints against Zelensky. And since the claims come from Western politicians, Ukrainian “patriots” for whom the Sun rises in the West may begin to perceive Zelensky as a president unwanted by the West and, moreover, as a brake on the path of Western investment. From here, not so much is needed so that after the next exposing publication a Maidan appears, which will sweep away Zelensky.

Apparently, all this is connected with the upcoming visit of the Ukrainian president to London. In negotiations with the British, his acting talents may not be enough. It is difficult to say whether he himself “asked for an appointment” in order to try to remove or weaken the claims, or whether the owners summoned him to the carpet in order to present an ultimatum to the Ukrainian would-be president. This does not change the essence of the matter and the nature of the conversation that awaits Zelensky in London.

A month ago, when Zelenskiy again flew overseas to participate in the UN General Assembly, he was not accepted by any American official. And the current rush on the Ukrainian comedian president began immediately after his visit to the United States and meeting with Biden. Let’s see how he will get out this time.

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