Mar 31, 2021
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Why you shouldn’t tuck your jeans into your boots

Why you shouldn't tuck your jeans into your boots

I am sure that every person is perfect. The way nature made it is the best possible option. However, this does not mean at all that you cannot slightly correct some of the features so that they correspond to your inner vision of yourself.

Legs are often a stumbling block in the lives of many young ladies. Of course, each of us dreams of being a leggy beauty. However, the proportions of the female figure are far from satisfying all of its owners.

You can change the visual proportions with the right clothes and shoes. Here are some life hacks that have been tested by time and by many generations of women, which can serve you too.


Of course, this is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to long legs. Heels are indeed the most obvious way to slightly alter the proportions of a person’s figure.

Shoes with heels not only lengthen the legs, but also make them much slimmer. If your back starts to ache even with just one type of heels, we advise you to try to pick up beautiful platform shoes. Now there are many pretty feminine and attractive options that will definitely interest you.

Never wear skirts below the knee without heels. And even with heels, try to match all the details. The skirt, tights and shoes should be in the same color scheme.

Emphasis on vertical lines

I think you have heard of this advice more than once. Vertical patterns and seams lengthen the figure significantly. This makes the legs appear longer and the waist looks much narrower.

Be sure to pay attention to vertical garments when shopping. It is desirable that there are such. Any horizontal stripes and patterns should also be avoided. This advice will be especially relevant for curvy ladies.

High waist

A real lifesaver for short women. Pants and skirts with a high waistline not only look good on their own, but also create a coherent line from the foot to the waist, which visually makes the legs much longer.

Do not forget to choose the appropriate top for such a bottom: a cropped sweater or a T-shirt. You can also tuck your blouse into your pants.

Don’t be afraid to combine several techniques. For example, wear a tight, high-rise skirt with stiletto heels. A stunning feminine look will come out.

Color matching

Try to choose colors with similar shades. This, like the long, high-waisted, plain trousers, creates a single line that lengthens the legs.

Avoid clothing with prints or designs at the bottom. Such things always add extra volume and shorten the legs significantly.

Remember that short women should avoid low-rise trousers, frayed jeans and brightly colored shoes in every possible way. Tucking trousers into boots is also not worth it.

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