Jan 11, 2021
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Why you shouldn’t get a haircut on Saturday

Why you shouldn't get a haircut on Saturday

Choosing a haircut, we focus on our taste. The time that you have to spend every day caring for her is also very important.

In pursuit of a fashionable image, everyone forgot that hair has magical powers. This is an important component of a person’s energy balance. Despite the condemnation from psychologists, we are obliged to tell about the most important signs that exist in this area. Forewarned is forearmed, as folk wisdom says.

According to biblical legend, people lost their angelic halo after the Fall. He turned into hair – the connecting threads between man and the sky.

Modern science has proven that the structure of a human hair is identical to a wave antenna! A waveguide is designed to receive and transmit information over a distance. Still in doubt? See simple rules to help you maintain the harmony of space and body.

Lunar days

Before signing up for a haircut, see when it is best to cut your hair according to the lunar calendar. To strengthen the roots, make an appointment with your hairdresser during the waning moon days. A haircut in the first and second quarters of the lunar growth will help accelerate hair growth. Lunar waning is beneficial when you need to slow down hair growth.

Don’t cut yourself

Hair is the guardians of life, luck, prosperity. By cutting them deliberately, you attract bad luck and disease. Attention, unmarried girls! To cut yourself is to remain lonely for life.

Days of the week

Choose the right date for your haircut. Every day of the week matters.

Monday is the most favorable day. Possesses powerful strength, will help eliminate problems and troubles in life. Don’t be afraid to dye your hair this day.

If your physical strength is running out, you cannot solve an important matter – feel free to sign up for Tuesday. Get rid of boredom and monotony forever.

A Wednesday haircut is auspicious if you want to add travel and communication to your life. It will also help to meet new friends, bring old ones back.

Thursday will help make a difference in society. Attracts good luck and prosperity.

Friday has long been considered the day of female beauty. Not only will your hairstyle change, but also your overall appearance.

A Saturday haircut will help strengthen and heal your hair. Family curses and sins are written off on this day.

Sunday is the perfect day for chronic losers. If you’re doing well, it’s best not to cut your hair. You can “kill” your destiny and attract trouble.

Don’t trust an unknown person with a haircut

Any interference in the life of strangers changes your biofield. In a hairdresser, choose a cheerful and confident professional. Better if he is of the same sex with you. This will help avoid problems in your personal life. An adult and experienced master will radically change your life.

The desire to change the appearance comes from the inside.

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