Feb 18, 2021
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Why you should sleep no more than 7 hours a day

Why you should sleep no more than 7 hours a day

Sleep is the most dignified part of our life. If taken without proper attention to it, you can provoke the appearance of big problems with energy and health. The experts told why the vision was so dignified, how much and how to sleep.

A normal life is impossible without sound sleep and keeping order. Strive to ensure that rest is your first priority after work. All in all, you will be able to remain productive, active and cheerful.

Every day we spend our energy, beyond the control of what we are doing. Our body and biofield are weakening. During sleep, the energy deficit is eliminated, and the biofield becomes large again.

The main problem with sleep deprivation is that it seems to have an instant, as well as a cumulative effect. As for eliminating the consequences of lack of sleep, sleeping before lunch on the weekend will not solve the problem. Here everything will come to the rescue of order.

Actually, therefore, a strong vision is needed for each of us every day. Without it, our strength and energy will not be restored to the end. Well-being problems will deteriorate with every new sleepless night.

Also a very dignified function of sleep – getting rid of mental dirt and debris… Our brains are very similar in how they work to a computer. He has a working memory, which in a day is heavily clogged with all sorts of garbage – antipathetic memories, thoughts about work and problems, experiences and so on. The vision clears the brain of the problems of the past day. Actually, therefore, they say in detail that it is more important to leave complex decisions the next morning.

There are inevitable phases of sleep that we must pass during the night. You can pass them all in 6 hours, but not always. 7 hours, experts advise to sleep in order to make sure to complete an absolute purification of consciousness and give the brain a rest, and the chakras – to restore their strength.

There is a very small percentage of people on Earth who can sleep for 4 hours. Someone will have a drop and 9. You need to look closely at the reactions of your body, look for the right times.

If you sleep for 7 hours, then even those who need to sleep for 9 hours or more, read completely free of fatigue. Return “sleepy debt” can be at the weekend. Also, many experts say that you can sleep during the day. Daytime vision will not relieve you of sleep problems, but it will make the situation a little easier. Dre after 3 o’clock in the afternoon can throw off order and prevent him from falling asleep normally at night, so that you go to rest before that time.

It doesn’t matter what time of day you sleep. It makes no difference whether you are an early bird or an owl. The main thing is that no one bothers you, and you sleep at least 7 hours. Establish and follow a peaceful daily routine for yourself. Your body will get used to it and increase its productivity.

Sleep quality depends on preparation. Before bed, many experts advise using deep relaxation meditations. Meditation will clear your mind of unpleasant thoughts and help you fall asleep more quickly.

the room should be as quiet as possible and as quietly as possible; it is impossible to overeat before going to bed (ideal times for the final meal is 2 hours before bedtime); before going to bed, it is more important not to sit on the phone and not play computer games; the room should be ventilated and the bed calm and pleasant.

If you follow these simple rules, your energy will recover as efficiently as possible. From the very morning you will be full of energy. If in the morning you feel broken, it means that you are doing something wrong.

Remember, sleep is not just about closing your eyes. If you slept for 9 hours, but badly, this is much more painful than 5-6 hours of good and healthy sleep. Take your vacation as responsibly as possible. This will strengthen your biofield, prolong life and attract more fortune.

Experts note that, in addition to meditating before bedtime, breathing practices, impact on the feng fu point, or the Japanese healing technique jin shin jitsu will be helpful. Remember that getting ready for bed is sometimes grander than the dream itself. Sleep well, and then your body will become your friend, not your enemy.

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