Mar 31, 2021
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Why you should be inspired by the statements of Coco Chanel

Why you should be inspired by the statements of Coco Chanel

A revolutionary, a beauty and just a gorgeous woman – all this is about the one who needs no introduction, about Coco Chanel. She was one of those women who came in and turned things around. She was shamed, she was condemned, but she only defended freedom: her own and for all women.

We never cease to be inspired by the statements of Coco Chanel and her views on life. Therefore, today we are sharing with you her most daring advice.

Free your hands

“Fashion should flutter out of your hands,” Coco once said. For this to be so, these very hands must be free. That is why Chanel has introduced bags with a long strap. You can throw it over your shoulder and free your hands. After all, women’s freedom partly begins with them.

Don’t be afraid to start something new

It’s never too late to act and be successful. And Coco Chanel proved it with her personal example. The real heyday of fame overtook her at the age of 50. After she re-conquered the fashion world already in 70. Chanel was condemned, criticized, but she ignored this noise and again found herself at the top of fame. Isn’t that inspiring?

Be free in your personal life

“Every girl should know two things: what and who she wants,” Coco loved to say. But what a woman should not do is report to someone about her personal life or limit herself because of the opinions of others.

Chanel herself was not deprived of fans. Various snobs condemned her for such a life, but did she care? She just lived as she thought was right. And she chose men to match: from Stravinsky to the Duke of Westminster.

Dress for yourself

Another famous phrase of Coco: “Women should dress for themselves, not to please men.” She wanted every woman to feel comfortable and comfortable in her clothes. So that the style is dictated only by your own preferences, and not by someone from the outside.

This idea still causes disagreement among the conservatives. However, Coco was the one who gave women this freedom, we need to use it to the maximum.

Wear comfortable clothes

“Luxury should be comfortable, otherwise it’s not a luxury,” the fashion designer bequeathed to women. She herself boldly wore comfortable things and offered other women. She canceled all the things that women wore because it was necessary. Therefore, put on what is convenient, as Chanel bequeathed to us.

Boldly wear black

Black isn’t just for mourning. It can be safely worn on a holiday or on a weekday. Coco Chanel showed women that black can be luxurious. Every woman needs to remember about a little black dress.

Get enough sleep

One of the most ingenious tips from the great and unique Chanel. Coco once said: “Is there something so valuable in social life that you neglect a pillow?” And we are in complete solidarity with her. To look good, every woman needs proper sleep.

You can talk about Coco Chanel for hours, and you want to follow these tips immediately. I wish I had at least a little of the courage and confidence that this magnificent and irresistible woman had.

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