Apr 20, 2021
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Why you need to wash your bedding twice a week

Why you need to wash your bedding twice a week

It’s nice to lie in a clean ironed bed that smells good. The scent of freshness and clean sheets promote relaxation and healthy sleep. Regular replacement of bed linen will help you feel refreshed and slept in the morning. But how often should the bed linen be washed?

Several factors affect when it is time to change your bedding. It all depends on how many tenants there are in the house, do you have children or animals, perhaps someone from the household has an allergy?

The bed should always be washed at a high temperature: 60 degrees and above. Naturally, you need to sort your laundry by type of fabric. And the washed, air-conditioned bedding will be very soft and smell good. It is necessary to dry bedding in a well-ventilated area, or even better – in the fresh air.

“We spend a third of our lives in bed,” says New York-based microbiologist Philip Tierno. You need to monitor the cleanliness of bed linen as carefully as your health. After all, if this is not done, then the growing microcosm in the folds of bed linen can cause many ailments. To prevent this from happening, you need to change the bedding once a week.

A person naturally produces about one hundred liters of sweat a year while in bed. If a hot climate and high humidity are added to everything, then sweat turns into “an ideal environment for the growth of fungal cultures.” So, in the summer it is better to change bedding even twice a week.

Scientists conducted a study by which they estimated the level of fungal contamination of bed linen. They found that synthetic and feather pillows, which are used from 1 to 20 years old, can contain up to 17 types of fungus.

In addition to this, some people share the bed with their pets, who bring pollen, soil particles and much more to the bed. All this dirt can accumulate in dangerous amounts in one week.

Not surprisingly, so many irritants can cause a runny nose and frequent sneezing. After all, microbes are so close to our mouth and nose. Gravity is another culprit for quickly soiling your bed. One to two weeks is enough for the accumulated dust to begin to sore throat.

It is difficult to see with the naked eye all the dirt that has accumulated on the bed during the week.

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