Feb 23, 2021
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Why you need to philosophize about aging

Why you need to philosophize about aging

Most of us are used to seeing only youth in a positive light. For many women in the post-Soviet space, retirement is almost the end of life. It’s not like that at all! And today we will prove it to you.

The fear of old age makes no sense. Periods of development and life of a person replace each other, this is completely normal. Learn to see the benefits.

Maturity and old age are the most important periods of a person’s life. The inexperience and fussiness of youth have already passed, the children have grown … Finally, you can live for your own pleasure!

The benefits of maturity and old age

First, it is necessary to determine when maturity and old age really begin. Most scientists agree at age 60.
Yes Yes exactly! You should not consider yourself elderly if you are just 50 years old.

The greatest advantage of older people over young people is experience.

We all learn best from our mistakes. A person after 60 has already made most of the mistakes, and took note of the conclusions long ago.

Stress levels decrease after age 60, as does the desire to be sad for no reason. Most mature people are characterized by calmness and measured decision-making.

It is by this age that you finally understand that there is no need to rush. Everything has its time.

Age is not a hindrance to either adventure on the love front, or travel, or study! You can find your other half at any age.

Having a lot of life experience helps to understand people much better, and therefore finding the right person with age can be even easier.

Retirement is a great time to get to know the world you live in a little better. In our youth, we are busy making money, caring for children and self-realization, but old age is an ideal period of life for measured pleasant travel.

If you think that you can learn something new only in the first half of your life, you are very mistaken. Abroad, there are many special courses, schools and other educational institutions for the elderly.

Worried about how you will look in old age? Not worth it! You can look good at any age.

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