Aug 25, 2022
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Why you need to periodically transplant aloe and how to do it right

Why you need to periodically transplant aloe and how to do it right

The healing properties of aloe are known to almost everyone. Growing a plant at home will allow you to use the juice of the leaves for the right purposes. However, most types of aloe quickly grow their root system, so they need to be replanted often, writes RBC-Ukraine.

How often you need to repot a plant and how to do it correctly – read below.

In particular, young aloe up to 5 years old should be transplanted into a new pot every year. Then the transplant should be done once every 2-3 years.

How to transplant

It is necessary to prepare a pot in advance with drainage holes about 20% larger than the previous one. Next, pour a layer of drainage and a little soil mixture.

After that, pull out the plant along with a clod of earth and place it in the center of a new pot and cover the roots with earth. Everything needs to be tightened up a bit. As a result, aloe must be poured with water and placed on the windowsill.

Aloe is grown in the following ways:

  • Stem and leaf cuttings. A well-known and successful method of reproduction, requiring the implementation of all agrotechnical standards;
  • tops. Reproduction by tops is considered the fastest way, but only stem plant species are suitable for it;
  • Seeds. This cultivation takes place throughout the year.

We add that despite the unpretentiousness, the plant needs full watering and care:

  1. Lighting. Aloe is a very photophilous plant. Place it on the western or eastern window;
  2. Temperature. Aloe is neutral to the temperature level. In summer, an average room temperature of 18-25 ° C is suitable for keeping. In winter, they arrange a dormant period, lowering the temperature to 14-17 ° C;
  3. Watering. The plant is subject to rot, so it is important to properly water the aloe. In summer, water abundantly, after drying the surface of the soil. The average frequency of watering is every three to four days;
  4. Humidity. The plant grows at any level of humidity. Spraying is an unnecessary and even dangerous procedure for aloe. Moisture in the axils of the leaves leads to rot;
  5. Priming. Suitable store soil for succulents.
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