Apr 17, 2021
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Why you can’t sleep with your head to the north

Why you can't sleep with your head to the north

As they would say in Odessa, “where do you want to sleep.” I mean, where to sleep with your head, in which direction of the world should it be directed? It would seem, what does it matter at all? But it turns out that it does. It also entails different things. If you’ve never thought about it, then it’s time to find out what’s what.

We sleep in different ways and in different directions, but this topic seemed to us really interesting. Therefore, we decided to find out where and how to put our bright head in order to at least get a good night’s sleep and not go around the whole day like a boiled perch.

There is hardly any scientific research on this topic, but in spiritual practices quite a lot has been said about this. Let’s talk about them now, but for now we want to say this: even if you do not believe in all these fables, but in the morning you feel overwhelmed and sleepy, why not try to change your position? It was like that with the sofa. Everyone is good, but it was not possible to rest normally. He moved to another place and immediately cheered up!

It should be noted that in our Orthodox tradition there are no special instructions regarding the position during sleep. In general, the Church is quite categorical about all these matters: they believe that all this is fiction and have no basis under them. At the same time, our people have a belief that it is undesirable to lie down with their feet at the entrance. Superstitions, sir! And where do they come from?

Where to sleep with your head

Okay. It remains to find out what else it turns out in Feng Shui and where to lie with your head yogis recommend. I must say that their opinions differ. For example, yogis believe that a person has an energy field similar to the energy field of the planet on which he lives. And since the field is directed from south to north, and in a person from head to feet, then you need to sleep with your head to the north. So you will become stronger, and the body will recover well. Their opinion!

Ironically, Vedic philosophy also contradicts the beliefs of the yogis: according to it, the head is put to sleep to the south or east, so the energy of the planet will flow parallel to the energy of the human body, and this, no doubt, very good. In general, they have a little confusion with all this in the east. In general, the following aspects can be distinguished.

Which side to choose

to North

If you check your compass before going to bed and sleep all the time with your head to the north, you risk becoming overly whimsical and selfish. Even cruel to others.


Sleeping in the south is fun because it is believed to prolong life and improve health. Definitely worth checking out!


This side of the world is for those who are more attuned to spiritual knowledge of the world and finding inner harmony. If you feel that you need to calm down a little, then sleep with your head to the east.


If you think that you lack a kind of vital impudence and self-confidence, then turn to the west. It is believed that a dream with a head in this direction makes people self-centered egoists. What to say? Some people really lack this.

To Feng Shui

Well, now Feng Shui. The Chinese also have something to say about this. True, they care more about how the space is organized. If you literally translate the word “feng shui”, it will mean wind and water. A person needs fresh air and water to feel good. Hot is best. It is a real pleasure to have a rest in such conditions!

In general, you need to sleep with common sense in mind: check the room, turn off the lights, beat the pillow and tuck the blanket. We recommend that you pay close attention to the pillow: it is she who is responsible for the correct position of the head during sleep. A good mattress does not hurt either. With all these things in mind, it probably won’t matter where you sleep with your head.

Nevertheless, in the course of experiments that we performed on ourselves, that is, on our entire edition of “So Simple!”, We have the following observations. By the way, you can check with us if you have such a desire.

Where to sleep with your head

We believe that lying with your head to the north means finding inner harmony and strengthening relationships. We recommend sleeping like this for young couples who are just studying each other.

A dream to the south and southwest is more suitable for careerists. We noticed that our bosses love to sleep so much. They justify this by the fact that in this way they are charged with cheerfulness and attract good luck to themselves.

Creative people will choose a dream with their head to the west, because this position fills them with inspiration. When I feel that I lack creativity, I sleep like this.

If you sleep with your head to the east, then you can hope that during sleep you will tune in to subsequent activity and arouse the favor of higher powers. Work will be easy, and life will seem as bright as before.

Our parents and grandparents also tried different positions. Oddly enough, the elderly chose the northeast direction. They explained this by the fact that this way they sleep well and feel great.

In general, based on all this, it is best to sleep somewhere in a moving carriage, which constantly changes its route. So in one night you will be able to sleep in all directions of the world, which means that you will cover the entire spectrum of possible emotions. But seriously, we sincerely advise you to experiment. At least with a pillow and a mattress.

Where to sleep with your head, it is best to decide on your own. Or choose something from what we have proposed here. Be sure to write in the comments in which direction you sleep and what you feel at the same time, and we will share with you a useful link on how to choose the right bedding for your sleep to be truly royal. Thank you for staying with us!

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