Sep 15, 2020
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Why We Lose Things: 12 Warnings from the Universe

Why We Lose Things: 12 Warnings from the Universe

The universe is sending clues to everyone, everywhere. Even behind banal absent-mindedness, secret signs are often hidden, warnings from above, which should not be ignored.

The Universe warns us in advance of great changes and sharp turns of fate, warning and guiding in the spontaneous stream of events. The clues often lie in simple information that is important to pay attention to in order to reconsider your previous decision. Warnings come in completely different ways: through people, advertisements, thoughts, feelings, dreams, reservations, finds and disappearances. The team will tell you about 12 reliable signs that indicate an impending danger or the need to change something in life.

1. Lose an earring - ahead of negative events associated with life difficulties and family troubles. Pay special attention to your feelings - listen to the signs on the emotional level. Sudden joy, laughter are indicators of the right decision. Anger, anger, irritation is a warning of danger.

2. Lose wallet, money, phone - you took a wrong turn somewhere. The loss of valuable things directly related to the financial sphere is a wake-up call that literally orders you to return to the right path in life. It's time to think about life, about your vocation and take care of yourself. Those who respond correctly to the first warning end up getting back what they have lost and multiplying it.

3. Lose the glove - there is a risk of getting into an unpleasant situation, becoming an eyewitness or participant in a serious conflict. The universe allows you to prevent the implementation of a negative scenario.

4. Lose the pectoral cross, talisman - near misfortune, tragedy, misfortune. This is a sign that a matured decision needs to be “changed” and the current way of life must be “rewritten”.

5. Losing your car keys - a sign of fatigue, negative intoxication. If the keys are lost outside the home, then this is a signal that happiness is slipping away from you, and depression is about to go into full force. In such a situation, it is important to look inside yourself, get rid of an overabundance of negativity and internal tension.

6. Losing your house keys - a signal about tensions in the family. A scandal, betrayal, rupture is possible. Often the reason lies within. Perhaps you should look at your life differently, understand what worries and worries.

7. Lose the bracelet - means upcoming minor troubles in work or personal life. The universe is hinting that it's time to change the password on the phone or secure the workplace in the office.

8. Lose small items - the keys to the office, a notebook, a pen - it means that others do not take your decisions, words and actions seriously, and the reason for this is the unwillingness to take responsibility for their lives, fear of obligations, infantilism. It is important to realize and work out the problem, then life will change for the better.

9. Losing a person's phone or address - a sign of unwillingness to keep in touch with the "addressee". Perhaps the Universe is trying to take you away from the trouble and problems that a new acquaintance can bring.

10. Losing your bag - it's time to change the field of activity. Your current place of work is contrary to your karmic calling. It is possible that you will achieve success in this profession, but spiritually it will not bring satisfaction. It is important to think about your future destiny.

11. Lose the chain or ring - there are many envious and ill-wishers nearby. Both items absorb negative and negative influences. If you have lost your jewelry, it means that a big wave of someone else's anger fell on you. Try to figure out the enemy and cut down on communication with him.

12. Lose points - dirty gossip spreads. The universe warns that someone else's envy can seriously damage a reputation, hinder the development of a business or love sphere. It is important to put up energy protection or change your behavior.

The universe communicates troubles in a timely manner so that we have time to prepare for them or change the course of events. These pre-cues are useful to notice and use in everyday life.

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