May 20, 2020
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Why unfaithful husbands return to the family

Did you know that about % of married men have a regular "secret life" on the side? At the same time, after their adventures, they still return home to his wife. They constantly deceive and betray them, but still they do not leave them.

Why it happens?

One of the main reasons is that an affair on the side for men is just a small adventure , which gives them a certain “discharge” and charges positive emotions. Moreover, spouses can have excellent relationships, and such adventures mean nothing to him.

Problems in family relationships can also be one of the main reasons for betrayal. A man in this case does not leave, because he still loves a woman, however, constant quarrels and scandals become simply unbearable for him. At first, a new woman brings him many happy moments, and, having walked up, in a good mood, returns to his wife.

His house is his fortress and nobody can change it. Care and creation of comfort are the primary needs of any man. The wife, as a rule, copes with these functions perfectly. He is not ready to exchange this comfort for any affair on the side. Over time, marriage does not bring him that passion and love. He is not ready to give up something forever, and therefore he goes on deceit and betrayal.

Another reason is that men are simply not ready to take a responsible step. Even if he has strong feelings for a new girl, leave his wife and to start a new life he lacks the courage. Moreover, such men cherish their wife in order to never feel the pain of divorce and the fear of being left with nothing. And no matter how bad their marriage is, they will never be able to admit to their wife about their deeds.

Some men experience a sense of responsibility for their family. And even if love disappeared, no one canceled family responsibilities. Children, common property and much more prevent them from destroying family relationships.

And there is a category of men who realize that their betrayal is a serious mistake. After the realization comes a feeling of guilt, but this still can not make him tell his wife about his act. His actions towards his wife become romanticized and he seems to fall in love with his wife anew. Thus, he seems to smooth out his guilt.

It's funny what reasons men just do not try to justify their actions. And for many it may seem that in principle their betrayal does not mean anything, because they do not leave a woman alone. No matter how. Men amuse their vanity by any means. "Secret Life" is one of the most common. Moreover, their egoism suggests that such behavior is justified by nature and so “historically developed”, but the same actions on the part of a woman are unacceptable and unforgivable.

It is sad to realize that we still live in a world of double standards and male prejudice in our permissiveness.

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