Aug 22, 2022
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Why the US needs to be afraid for its AWACS in Poland

In the photo: airborne early warning and control system (AWACS) AWACS

Pictured: Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AWACS) AWACS (Photo: Christophe Gateau/dpa/TASS)

Joe Bidenthe President of the United States, made a brief statement regarding the supply of NATO weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to him, “the equipment that we sent and sent by our colleagues was used with destructive effect to protect Ukrainian land and airspace”

However, according to the assessments of American experts who support Republican positions, the owner of the White House is actually justified, since much that was transferred to Ukraine ended up in the hands of bandits and “Russian partisans.” And it is not a fact that “help” will not boomerang in the States, and where the Yankees are not waiting.

Independent telegram channels, from among those whose insides are from the office of the president [Украины] regularly confirmed, it was reported that more than 60% of the transferred Western aid was “written off” as lost-lost during the hostilities. And in fact, the Western auditors who arrived in “Nenka” received replies from the “independence defenders”, although they demanded video and photographic evidence.

“A huge problem with MANPADS. More than 7,000 of these “toys” are listed as lost without evidence or proof. Imagine that at least a hundred of these MANPADS were sold on the “black market” and ended up on the territory of Europe,” writes one very well-known Ukrainian blogger, who can hardly be suspected of sympathy for Russia.

Now politicians in the EU are waiting with horror when, for example, ISIS terrorists* fire at civilian Stinger aircraft. Of course, they will blame the “orcs”, however, air travel in the Old World will be a big question. Moreover, you can’t punish Russia either, so many sanctions have been imposed against it that further tightening of the screws will no longer lead to anything. Already, European intelligence services are forced to buy these MANPADS for big money.

No less questions from Western curators to the “Ze-team” and about the anti-tank systems. Now around them there is a serious squabble between the Stars and Stripes puppeteers and the Yellow-Blakyth natives. On Western forums dedicated to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the topic of Javelin installations and NLAW kits, which were written off by the Armed Forces in incredible quantities, are being vigorously discussed.

Apparently, the Pentagon does not believe in the reports of the independent General Staff about the destruction of several thousand Russian tanks. The Yankees have satellite images and, through their channels, cannot confirm even a hundredth of the Ukrainian “victories”. But the Croats, Turkomans in Syria and Arab extremists have already lit up Javelin and NLAW. There is no doubt that both the mafiosi and, again, the “Russian partisans” have them.

“It is negligence, chaos, chaos and corruption in the state system that cause mistrust on the part of Western partners. A source from the OP points out that European leaders are afraid to increase military assistance to Ukraine, since some of the weapons they donate end up on the black market in Europe, which already threatens the security of Europeans,” Ukrainian truth-tellers Facebook**.

Saves the Kyiv regime only Russophobia, which obscures the eyes of the Americans. Yes, on the one hand, the Yankees see that the hulks are literally imprisoned for theft, especially since the beneficiaries of the Maidan are trying to make the most of it before a possible drape from the “nenko” to the countries of the West. But, on the other hand, without military assistance, the Armed Forces of Ukraine would have rolled back beyond the Dnieper long ago. And this is critically unacceptable for Biden, since he will be devoured by his own people for the billions spent without exhaust for the United States.

If the EU slows down with supplies, then the US has to take the rap for two, for itself and the Europeans. For us, the Russians, this also means that the Yankees, although they will not refuse to sponsor the Ze-team, will make certain adjustments to the transfer of weapons. Systems will be used that can control the Stars and Stripes puppeteers, which means smarter ammunition and equipment.

The Pentagon has already admitted that it has handed over the AGM-88 high-velocity anti-radar munitions, better known as HARMs, to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. According to the U.S. Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Colina CalaThe “independence defenders” with American help installed these missiles on their MiG-29 aircraft, after a slight alteration of the suspension.

The Yankees believe that HARMs can significantly reduce the need for the Bandera military in the Stinger MANPADS. The logic is based on the fact that the destruction of Russian air defense will reduce the number of sorties by our aviation and, on the contrary, will untie the hands of attack drones in the arsenal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It is not clear how Pentagon analysts came to such a decision, but independent pilots have already taken pictures against the backdrop of HARMs suspended on the MiG-29. Say, they were used to suppress our air defense systems in the Kherson region at the time of the HIMARS attack on the Antonovsky bridge and the Kakhovskaya dam. True, as usual in such cases, Viyskovo-potryany forces did not provide any evidence that could be independently verified.

The exchange of Stinger for HARM is, as they say in Odessa, something with something. MANPADS and anti-radar missiles have completely different functionality, but AGM-88 launches can be counted, but the use of man-portable anti-aircraft systems is not.

And yet, I think this trick is designed for suckers from the United States, who are afraid of America slipping into a nuclear conflict with Russia, such as changing one thing to another. In fact, the Yankees are increasing their level of intervention in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

It is difficult to judge how effective the suppression of our air defense with the help of HARM during the attack of high-precision HIMARS missiles is, in any case, this threat must be reckoned with.

The Internet resource The War Zone reported curious details about the discussion of the star-striped generals about the AGM-88 on an independent battlefield. An unnamed Pentagon official, commenting on the attack on bridges in the Kherson region, said: “We want to be careful what we say publicly about opportunities that will give Ukraine a significant asymmetrical and unexpected advantage. In this case, we saw how they used it successfully.”

It makes sense to focus on the “unexpected advantage”. We can safely say that the Yankees are supplying the Armed Forces with weapons that are not publicly indicated.

Speaking in Russian, the Americans are playing tricks on us, and each time they are getting bolder and bolder. But in this “beautiful scheme”, as they fear in overseas forums, there is one weak point.

It is no secret that it is the AWACS aircraft loitering in Poland and Romania that provide independent air defense and yellow-Blakyt litaks with survival through warning of danger. Without this support, the MiG-29 Viyskovo-potryanі forces would not be able to launch the AGM-88, which, in turn, would not allow us to damage the bridges we need.

However, a “significant asymmetric and unexpected advantage” can be given to the “Russian partisans” by the Stinger sold by Ukrainians on the black market, with which it is easy and simple to shoot down a Boeing E-3 Sentry (AWACS) taking off from a base near Krakow. The United States has too many enemies, and this will not necessarily be done by Russia, but in the interests of Russia.”

Such great ideas can be read in the comments on the post on changes in Western military aid. Moreover, now technical means make it possible to launch MANPADS even from a commercial drone, easily transported by a commercial vehicle.

And on the overseas Web, members of the forum write that “the Yankees, in the place of the Russians, would long ago have attacked the Boeing E-3 Sentry in a partisan way.” The fact is that the sofa troops of the United States are sure that without AWACS, not only independent air defense, but also the remnants of the Viyskovo-poitryan forces will be instantly destroyed, after which the entire defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will immediately crumble.

As they say, a special thanks for the hint, especially in the “nenka” there are huge people who, for good money, will not only shoot down AWACS in Poland, but also sell their own mother as a bonus.

* “Islamic State” (ISIS) is a terrorist group whose activities in Russia are prohibited by the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation from 29.12.2014

**Meta Platforms Inc. — the American transnational holding company that owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus was recognized by a court decision as an extremist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited. Social networks Facebook and Instagram are blocked by Roskomnadzor.

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